the sparkly life: Friends


Laney Crowell of Downtown Romantic

Meet the gorgeous Laney Crowell of the also gorgeous Downtown Romantic blogs. She's always had the best clothes you've ever seen, her apartment looks like a spread in Domino, and that hair is to die for. Basically, she's perfect.

Dana Weiss, Fashion Blogger (a.k.a. Possessionista)

She’s Possessionista, the blogger with a penchant for snark--and for tracking down that top worn by your favorite Bachelorette. But me? I know her as my best friend since the age of 15. (Plus, she has really, really fabulous hair!)

Dawn Spinner Davis, Cosmo’s Online Beauty and Fashion Editor

Meet Dawn Spinner Davis—she’s the Beauty and Fashion Editor for Cosmopolitan online, one of the founders behind the gourmet delivery service 19 Charles Street, and also, one of my really good friends.