Friday, January 30, 2015

16 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

dark nails
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Because I was out of town for a bit, and of course, thanks to the blizzard that wasn't really a blizzard, this was a short, packed-to-the-brim week for me. We are "closing" the latest issue at work (and it's a big one for beauty!), which for all of you non-magazine people out there, means that it's the busy, often frantic time when you put the final edits on your stories before they go to the printer and are out of your hands. I'm lucky to work somewhere where closes aren't bad at all (some magazine staffs have to stay until the wee hours of the morning for several nights in a row every close), but it's still nice when you can put it behind you. Phew!

This weekend, I'm embarking on a very exciting home project (more on that very soon!), and hopefully--though I say this practically every week and it rarely happens--squeezing in a little relaxing. But first, here's a few fun links to check out!

• I am so into this dress. It looks like the perfect combination of comfy and cute, and the price is great. (Under $120!)

• Remember that post I did with a Q&A scientifically proven to make you fall in love with me? Now the New Yorker has compiled the questions to ask to make someone fall out of love.

 This sweatshirt is so cute (love the color!), and it's under $35 right now!

• These non-candy Valentines are so cute.

• Have you guys read All The Light We Cannot See? I had heard it was amazing, so it had been on my list, and then my book club just chose it for this month's book! I'm now about a third of the way through and so far it lives up to the hype. I can't put it down!

• How to land your dream job in the beauty biz.

• 13 habits of highly successful stay-at-home moms.

• Experiencing major closet envy right about now.

• These braided hairstyle GIFs are mesmerizing.

• Big-time bloggers share their best tips for growing your site.

• The Onion's take on not vaccinating your kids is amazing, of course.

• Hey, brands! (And personal brands...) Here's 5 ways to improve your Instagram marketing.

• The world's cutest business card.

• A fascinating look at how the (CRAZY-LOW) housing prices in Buffalo are allowing millennials to transform the city. (h/t Christine)

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Revealed why snow days are like being in prison when you're a mom.

• Shared the fun, cheery clothes and accessories on my wish list right now.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Snow Days Are Like Being In Prison When You're A Parent

Yesterday's "double iPad" lunch notwithstanding, I'm a good mom, I swear.
Fifteen minutes of getting him into this outfit for two minutes of playing in the snow.

We took a field trip to Dunkin' Donuts. I was desperate.

Learning numbers, animals, and shapes with puzzles. (a.k.a. evidence that not everything we did today had sugar or a screen.)

I remember when the words "snow day" would elicit joy. As a kid, I was elated every time a blizzard rendered the roads impassable and the schools closed. Even as a single girl, snow days were amazing. I'd stay inside, pig out, and watch movies on the couch. Maybe a friend would come over, maybe I'd just relax by myself. There were naps involved. Snow days were heaven.

Yes, "were" as in past tense. These days? Snow days are hell.

I was reminded of this yesterday. We got about eight inches in NJ (slightly more in the city), which was far less than the "historic" accumulation they were predicting. But truth be told, I would have preferred a record breaker. Eight inches, you see, turned out to be the exact wrong amount. It was just enough that my office closed, the subways were effed up, and my nanny couldn't make it in, but not so much that my husband couldn't make it in to work.

So, you know what that means: I was home with my kids alone. Remember last time I was home all day with them by myself? Yeah, it was a bit of a shitshow. Well, at least that time I had my daughter in school part of the day and decent weather. But snow days are different.

When you're a parent, snow days are kind of like being in prison. (I mean, a prison where you love your cellmates more than anything in the world, of course. But still--prison.) Think about it: You're stuck inside. You can't go outside except maybe for an hour a day, if you're lucky. You don't have a moment to yourself. You don't have privacy when you go to the bathroom. Everyone's bored and in a bad mood. And everyone's yelling at you and telling you what to do all the time.

Yesterday was tough, man. It was a lot of iPad watching, a lot of puzzles and books, a lot of junk food, and about fifteen minutes of getting suited up in snow pants, coats, and mittens only to go outside to play for about two minutes. And that was just the first two hours!

Did I mention our cable was down? Yeah. Thanks, universe. Even in prison, they have cable.

Around 4pm, there was major cabin fever happening--and I had the worst case of it. I was also craving a latte like nobody's business, so I made the executive decision to take the kids out for a field trip. To Dunkin' Donuts. 

My daughter refused to get out of her pajamas, so I threw a coat and boots over her nightgown and pj pants, stuck my son who is too big for the Ergo into the Ergo, and headed out. We trudged to Dunkin' Donuts only to find out that it was closed. (WTF?) So, after a quick photo op (above), we continued the excursion for a few blocks where we hit up 7 Eleven and Starbucks. I was desperate, people. 

We headed home, made dinner, watched a little more iPad (natch), and then DADDY CAME HOME. I have never been so excited to see my husband. My sentence was officially over. Free at last!

I handed my sweet little inmates over, ordered a pizza (Paleo, be damned--this day called for serious carbs), relaxed on the couch with a little Internet time, and then laid down for some blessed sleep.

Today, life returns to normal. My daughter is back in school, my son's classes are back on, and I'm back in the office. I'm even wearing a dress! That doesn't have Play-Doh on it! And, seriously, I've never been so freaking excited.

So, if I can leave you with one lesson, let it be this: If you see a mom today, do not ask her how her "day off" was. You've been warned.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Wish List

What I Want Right Now From DVF, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and more

Today New York is supposedly getting a snowstorm they're predicting to be "crippling and historic." Oy. But before I start psychologically preparing myself for being cooped up inside with two bored children (send help! and extra iPad chargers!), I'm taking a moment to dream of warmer, sunnier times. And that's making me covet this dress (it's perfect for work or even drinks), this pretty top (I'd wear it to dress up these--under $100!--jeans), and these cool, blue Marc Jacobs sunglasses (such a fun twist on the classic aviator shape).

Here's a few more things I'm looking forward to busting out once the Snowpocalypse is over. In the meantime, stay warm!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

13 Cool Things To Click On Today

A fresh manicure (Essie's Wicked--one of my all-time faves); cool new products launching from Oribe in April; perusing my Alt Summit schedule--exciting!; the great, meditative view from our new offices
Hello from Salt Lake City! Yep, I'm currently on the other side of the country at Alt Summit. (Follow me on Instagram to join in on the fun!) But of course wanted to quickly pop in to share a couple of fun links. Enjoy...and have a great weekend!

• This cute dress makes it possible to basically wear a giant sweatshirt and still look totally chic. This essentially equals MY DREAM.

• A must-follow on Instagram: makeup artist Maria Malone. Forget red lips or rosy cheeks--that's child's play for this woman. Her work is INSANE. She can make a human face look like anything. Check out this seal (yes, that is actually someone's face!), this cougar, and even Robin Williams. Oh, and this Elsa totally freaks me out.

• I relate so much to this funny, poignant post: Parenting On Speed.

• Kids who look EXACTLY like their parents.

• Grain-free sweet potato gnocchi! Paleo pasta! Get in my belly!

• Anyone with kids will love this: Sleep has a marketing problem.

• Fascinating: Why mothers and daughters fight. (h/t Laura)

• 15 toys from the '80s now worth serious money. Did you own any of them?

• Moms who vacation at Target.

• Fun shirt: I find your lack of sparkle disturbing. (via Bev)

• The myth of vitamin C.

• Do you remember that song "Closing Time?" The one about leaving a bar? Turns out it's not about leaving a bar. And you won't believe what it's really about! (Note: Skip to about 3:30/3:40 in the video to get to the right part.)

And, in case you missed it, this week I...

• Shared a few pretty things currently on my wish list.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

11 Cool Things To Buy Right Now

copper & blue

Ahhh! There are too many pretty things in the world! Here's a few of the prettiest--a.k.a. the tippy top things on my wish list right now. What's your favorite?

Rifle Paper Co Peonies (Copper) Wallpaper: I have been coveting this gorgeous paper for months now. Those metallic peonies? To die for. After seeing Dominique use it in what is truly the world's chicest baby's room (seriously, it's a must-see!), I've finally decided to pull the trigger and get it. I'll be using it to paper our teeny, tiny powder room, which right now, is a decidedly blah shade of beige. Can't wait to share the results!

J.Crew Merino Wool Tippi Sweater: As I mentioned here, this is probably my all-time favorite sweater. Here's why: It's lightweight so it works practically year round, it looks equally at home with jeans and with skirts, and the cut is really flattering. It also comes in basically every single color in the rainbow; this robin's-egg blue is calling my name right now. (Oh and it's under $80!)

Tory Burch Butterfly sunglasses: Love these! The frame shape is really flattering.

New Balance Precious Metals sneakers: The gray-bronze combo is so cool. And I love that the metallic is subtle, adding just the smallest touch of glitz.

Posen II clutch: I would carry this Deco-esque clutch pretty much anywhere--a wedding, a date night, a party. So pretty.

Ring: Ok, dream item alert! This delicate little sapphire-and-rose-gold ring is so gorgeous.

Coaster set: I need new ones and these are fun. (Note: They have other quotes/sayings available, too, if this one isn't your thing.)

Stila Magnificent Metals eyeshadow in Comex Copper: I still remember the day these shadows arrived in the office. We were all cooing and shrieking because they are so shiny--seriously metallic. Since beauty editors see it all, it's relatively rare that anything makes us go totally nuts, but these did. This warm shade is one of my favorites in the collection--it catches the light so beautifully and looks gorgeous on.

Michael Aram Bark vase: I actually got this vase in silver as a wedding gift and it's one of my favorite things. It looks sleek on a shelf and so pretty holding a bunch of blooms. And now this copper version is making me swoon.

J.Crew Short-Sleeve Sweater: Gotta love a cute top that isn't too tight on the tummy! I'd wear this one with skinny jeans and a cardigan now. Once the weather warms up, it would look really cute with a pair of faded, ripped boyfriend jeans and white sandals or Birks.

Copper pitcher: While entertaining recently, I realized that I desperately need a pretty, grown-up pitcher  to pull out when guests come over. This one is stunning, no?

Friday, January 16, 2015

18 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

This little guy's first time walking in the snow; mani courtesy of Olive & June (nail polish shade: Deborah Lippmann's Dark Side of The Moon); why, yes, my four year old is rock climbing (indoors!); a fresh, healthy, yummy lunch at The Little Beet with Felicia (awesome conversation, not pictured)

This week was a tad crazy with the move, the freezing temps, and a few fun activities. For one, I  attended my very first book club! Like many book clubs (so I've heard), the discussion was about 2% book, 98% other stuff, but it was fun! I met a great, new group of women, and if nothing else, the experience forced me to power through a book, rather than take my sweet time. We read Cutting For Stone. Have you read it? I loved it. It was a very slow start and I almost gave up, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. It was great.

Today I'm meeting up with my friend PJ to talk Alt Summit! She's attending next week, and suddenly, in a last-minute turn-of-events, for the first time, so am I! It hasn't totally hit me that I'll be in Salt Lake City in just a few days. Crazy, huh?

Here's some fun links. Have a great weekend!

• This metallic sweater is cool...and under $42! (Plus you can get an extra 20% off through Saturday if you use the code LAYER.)

• This ponytail tho.

• I love everything Tia writes so much, and this is no exception: "I Was Called Racist For Hating Kerry Washington's Gown."

• This cage shelf is kind of awesome. It would be great in a kid's room as clutter control. I'm picturing plush animals artfully stuffed into that cage.

• These dairy-free, gluten-free pesto zucchini rollups look fantastic. So making them!

• I already own one Ann Taylor sweatshirt and love the way it fits. This pretty, lacy one is on sale and next on my list. (Plus get an extra 60% off--!!--by using the code SHOPBIG.)

• Hitha beat me to the punch posting this piece, but it's SO fascinating that I still had to share: "The Genius of Taylor Swift's Girlfriend Collection." (h/t Felicia)

• I am truly the worst because I am so guilty of this. Anyone else? (Also: Hilarious!)

• Things they should have told me about motherhood.

• Are you following Unspirational on Instagram? So wrong that it's so right. Not to mention so funny. (This one cracked me up.)

• Grace relaunched her site! It looks amazing and makes me covet a re-design of this blog something fierce.

• Are you living with a "threenager?" I am.

Here's why having an unlimited vacation policy didn't work for one company. They've now switched to a minimum vacation policy and I am officially jealous.

• Okay. So, I hesitated to even post this next link, because 1) I don't know if it's really true, and 2) It's incredibly depressing. But a lot of it is definitely true (these beggars--very common in big cities, I see them in the NYC subway all the time--are usually controlled by a crime ring), and I've noticed firsthand that the children in these situations are always, ALWAYS sleeping as the article states. So I fear it may be real. If it is, I hope the attention causes something to be done to stop it: "Why Is The Child In The Hands of The Beggar Always Sleeping?" 

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Got personal and revealed a few intimate details about my life.

• Said good-bye to the Brides magazine offices.

• Shared the first Brides hair how-to video. (FYI, it is truly for everyone--not just brides.)

• Gave step-by-step instructions for recreating the world's coolest ponytail.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The End of An Era

I ran a version of this post on my Instagram today, but wanted to document it here as well. Big day, after all!

I've spent the better part of the last 12 years on various floors of 4 Times Square, so today feels like the end of an era. I can't tell you how many times I changed from flats to heels on the 42nd street sidewalk, waited for an M.I.A. town car on 43rd, snuck out to Olive Garden with my Allure peeps, cursed the tourists clogging up the streets, dodged various bootleg Elmos, and gossiped, bitched, laughed, and cried in these halls, cubes, and offices. How many shopping bags full of beauty products have I left this building with over the years? 500? 5000? 

I entered this place almost 13 years ago as a single, wannabe assistant going in for an informational interview. (I did not get the job, but believe me, if you had seen my heinous outfit, you would not have hired me either!) 

Now I head to our new building as a full-fledged beauty director, a mom, an Instagram addict. With much, much better shoes. Times have changed. And now, so has the setting. Let the new adventures begin! 

(For those confused, no, I am not leaving Brides! My company is moving to a new building, though. You may have heard of it--1 WTC?)