Monday, November 24, 2014

15 Signs You're A Pinterest Mom

I was a relatively early adopter of Pinterest, and I've been a rabid pinner ever since. (Which reminds me: Are you following me??) I pin beauty stuff. I pin party ideas. I pin photos of '90s supermodels. My kids' parties went up a few notches thanks to Pinterest; their lunches did, too. I am definitely Pinterest-obsessed. Are you? Here's how to tell. You might be a Pinterest mom if...

1) You have made a face out of breakfast food. And Instagrammed it.

2) A cupcake topped with another cupcake? Sure. That seems reasonable.

3) You have a first day of school photo of your child holding a mini chalkboard.

4) You have used cupcake pans to create at least two of the following things: egg/spinach/bacon cups, a buffet lunch for your toddler, mini lasagnas, mac n' cheese muffins, or chocolate chip cookie bowls.

5) You search Pinterest for "school lunch inspiration" so frequently that, admittedly, you may have lost a little perspective.

6) You get your kid to try foods he doesn't like by cutting them into animal shapes.

7) You've already started planning a first birthday party...for your newborn.

8) You've gone completely mental at least once while making cake pops.

9) You own a beverage dispenser, a spiralizer, and a tiered cupcake stand, and consider them to be some of the best investments you ever made.

10) Your Halloween parties are freaking epic.

11) Your child now fully expects his dinner to be presented as a 3D animal.

12) Your cupcakes have custom wrappers and toppers.

13) Your child's parties don't just have dessert--they have dessert tables.

14) Mason jars are your BFF.

15) Truth: You sometimes tell your kids to "Hang on a second, mommy's working"--when you're really pinning.
all photos (well, except for that cutie in #3!) via Pinterest

Friday, November 21, 2014

17 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

Clockwise from top left: Hanging with one of my faves, the amazing makeup artist Daniel Martin; a boy and his unicorn costume; obligatory apres color/blowout selfie at Sally Hershberger; all bundled up
This week is a bit of a blur! I was superbusy at work and then had to work from home one day unexpectedly, which meant furiously writing a story during my son's nap, answering emails while pushing a stroller, and staying up way too late to squeeze in more writing time. Work-from-home moms, man--I don't know how you do it.

Now, for this weekend, I'm looking forward to a fun outing with my daughter, stopping by the open house at my Pilates studio, and hopefully, doing a little relaxing. (Ha! Who am I kidding?) What are you guys up to? Can you believe Thanksgiving is in just a few days??

Here's a few fun links!

• This sparkly, blush-pink sweater is so pretty. And it's 40 percent off right now with the code PARTY40! You're welcome.

Speaking of blush pink, this outfit is heavenly, no?

Lulu Frost's online sample sale is going on now! I've mentioned before how much I love their jewelry--and their sales. And this one is equally epic. Lulu Frost isn't cheap, but the sample sales make them much, much more affordable. This gorgeous necklace (almost 50 percent off!) is top on my list. Also, check it out: This is the sunburst necklace I wore in this post! I thought it was sold out, but now it's back--and on major sale. Run!

• Love how this sweater manages to be both classic and unique.

• This is the best (and funniest!) gift guide I've seen so far. (Did you know they still make Lisa Frank sticker books?!? #want)

Uh, when did Chris Pratt get so hot? (Watch the first video...)

These photos of the nearly SEVEN FEET of snow in Buffalo legitimately gave me heart palpitations. Terrifying and utterly insane.

• Disney has sold 3 million Frozen costumes in North America. That's the equivalent of one for every four year old girl on the continent. (And whoo hoo! The article quoted me and mentioned my Halloween Instagram contest!)

• People who look (exactly, eerily) like Drake.

• Well, I know at least one thing we'll be doing in March.

• A great list of the most iconic movies set in every state. (I don't agree with the Indiana pick though. How could it not be Breaking Away?!)

• Helpful list of what food banks actually need.

• This deaf teen living in an African village never learned to communicate with others Then a single sign language class transformed his world. Yep, I cried.

• And here's a cool thing to do this weekend if you live in NYC: On Saturday, Conair is setting up a mobile salon in Chelsea offering FREE hair makeovers and product giveaways. It'll be 11am to 4pm outside of the Bed Bath and Beyond on Sixth Avenue. Fun!

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Featured a funny story about "mom brain."

• Shared the cutest-ever flats.

• Revealed some thoughts on motherhood, fashion, my secret music obsession, and more.

• Showed just how easy (and important) it is to donate a winter coat.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Donate A Winter Coat

This coat was beloved by my daughter two years ago. Ever since, it's been collecting dust in a closet. It's now going to the Boys & Girls Club in Hoboken.
This one, worn by my son last year, is going to the Boys & Girls club now, too.
I obviously love buying stuff. And I know you do, too. But today, I wanted to highlight something a little different. I was cleaning out a closet earlier this week, and what I found was basically ridiculous: There were TONS of coats lurking in there. Coats that didn't fit. Coats we didn't use. Among other things taking up space in the packed closet, I had a size 6 to 12 month baby's coat and a two year old's jacket, both of which once belonged to my FOUR YEAR OLD. 

I briefly thought about selling them through my local mom's group, but then I realized I'd really rather donate them. But I had no idea where to start. Well, I did a little research and found this great website that I thought I'd share here just in case you're looking for a place to donate, too. The site will help you find tons of places across the U.S, and in Canada, to donate and it's very easy. You just type in your zip code and you'll instantly get a list of drop-off locations. (There are several in NYC alone.)

There was also a lot of sobering info on there. According to One Warm Coat, for the fifteen percent of Americans who fall below the poverty line, winter coats are typically considered a "budget 'extra.'" Many of these families have to choose between buying coats or paying rent.


Working in New York, and living just a few blocks away from several schools, I've witnessed this first hand. Last year, even on the coldest days of the polar vortex, on the days I was absolutely FREEZING in my embarrassingly expensive parka and faux-fur boots, I saw kids wearing just hoodies. That's insane. 

So, this is my plea: Before winter really gets under way, take this moment, and clean out your closets (if you're like me, you totally need the extra space in there anyway!). Grab that coat you loved when you bought it two years ago but have barely worn since, the teeny ones your kids have outgrown, even that maternity coat you're hanging onto for no good reason. Then wash them. Then donate them.

You'll feel great, someone else will be a lot warmer this season, and your instantly-roomier closets will thank you.

Have you ever donated a winter coat? If so, where do you usually donate it? If not, are you planning to do so this year?

P.S.: BTW, I hope it's obvious, but just in case: This post is not sponsored in any way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How I Do It

My son watching Katy Perry on the iPad. (This will take on extra meaning after reading the post!)
People always ask me how I "do it all," which is kind of hilarious since I think of myself as "doing it all" approximately never (case in point). I never say that I "do it all." Let's just say that, like every mom,  I "do it."

Today I'm over on A Design So Vast doing just that. I'm taking part in the awesome series, How She Does It, talking about, well, how I do it. Head on over to read my thoughts on motherhood, fashion, my top-secret music obsession, and lots more.

Thanks so much for including me, Lindsey!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Cute Are These Emoji Flats?

emoji smoking slippers

I've been wanting to buy a pair of smoking slippers for awhile now. I love that they can be worn with jeans or used to add a fun, casual vibe to a dress or skirt. And I'm especially drawn to the styles with fun pictures. Comfy and quirky--what's not to love?

That's why I'm dying over these new Emoji smoking slippers that recently went on pre-order over at Moda Operandi. I love the cheeky styles! Into them all, but my favorites are #SnowBunny, #PuppyLove, and #DramaQueen.)

They're definitely pricey though, so if you're looking to spend a little less, I've rounded up a few more affordable options below (along with links to the dream-worthy Emoji styles from above). 

Which one is your favorite? And if you already own a pair of smoking slippers, what's your favorite way to wear them? I'd love to know!


Monday, November 17, 2014

If You Give a Mom 10 Minutes...

My friend Beverly and I met in grad school in Chicago. She then lived in New York City, too, for awhile after school, but now lives in L.A. She has two adorable boys and we keep in touch over Facebook. Bev is one of those moms who is basically perfect. She bakes. She cooks. She goes on date nights. She works out. She does it all. Let me put it another way: You know how you see Pinterest pictures of those crazy-intricate school lunches with the sandwiches cut into character-shapes and you think, "Okay, who possibly makes those lunches?" Bev makes those lunches.

She's also very funny (and very, very nice!), as evidenced by a recent Facebook post that made me crack up. She gave me permission to post it here as a guest post, so I've reprinted it below in her own words. 

But first a little background for those without kids: Her post is based on the very popular If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series of books that revolve around giving something to an animal, which makes the animal randomly think of another thing, and then another thing, and another thing, until you're eventually back to the original thing. There's a million of these books--If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, a Moose a Muffin, a Dog a Donut, and so on. Kids love them and the author is a freaking genius because this series can essentially go on forever. There's a lot of animals--and a lot of shit you can give them.


"Reading those "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" books to Derek always makes me feel like they're talking about my life. Mine would be called 'If You Give a Mom 10 Minutes:'

If you give a mom 10 minutes, she'll start unloading the dishwasher.

Unloading the dishwasher will remind her that the last three times she was at the store, she forgot to buy eggs, so she'll look for a piece of paper and a pen to start a list.

While looking for the paper and pen, she'll see a giant stack of mail on the counter, so she'll start sorting out the junk mail.

Sorting through the junk mail, she'll come across the Athleta catalog and decide to take a quick look.

Looking in the Athleta catalog will convince her that if she had a $200 cranberry-colored pullover, she would be one of those women who always have perfect hair (even after a workout!) and who bike effortlessly to buy their groceries (which are carried home in a vintage bicycle basket), so she'll get online to order the jacket.

Getting online will remind her that she hasn't been on Facebook in 8 minutes, so she'll go on to her Facebook feed.

Looking at her feed, she'll come across pictures of a friend's remodeled kitchen and start thinking about how her own kitchen could use a facelift.

Thinking about her kitchen will remind her that she was supposed write down what she needed at the grocery store, so she'll go get a pen and paper. 

Once she has the pen and paper, she'll forget what she needed at the store.

... And now it's time to get the kids from school, the dishwasher hasn't been unloaded, she's $200 poorer, and she'll forget the eggs yet again."

Too true, no? :) Or are Bev and I the only ones who feel this way sometimes?!

You can follow Bev on Instagram here!

Friday, November 14, 2014

11 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

From top left: The calm before the Brides beauty sale storm; a view of Times Square from my office; evidence of my awesome parenting; cool new lineup of products launching from Jergens next year
This week was a busy one for beauty events (saw new products from Jergens, John Frieda, Peter Thomas Roth, Shiseido, Skinceuticals, and more), work stuff (we finalized the Brides beauty awards winners and had an epic beauty sale), and of course, everything that comes with home life and blog life. 

This weekend I'm looking forward to going out to dinner with friends, lots of family time, and a much-anticipated trip to a suburban Whole Foods, which is honestly SO EXCITING. (When you live in NYC for over ten years, real grocery stores are basically Disneyland.)

Here are a few fun things in the meantime. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

• Perfect gift alert! >> Ciate does a new version of this nail polish advent calendar every year, and when it arrives in the office, without fail, all of us beauty editors swoon. The colors are great, the value is fantastic, and really, is there anything cuter than diminutive bottles of nail lacquer?

• I live for a good boyfriend cardigan. Can't believe this one is $22!

• How pretty is this anti-aging, skin-softening face mask?

• Why you should move to a city where you don't know anyone. (I did this multiple times in my 20s and am so glad I did.)

• The secret language of tween girls on Instagram (a.k.a. yet another reason I'm glad we didn't have social media when I was in high school).

• Nice roundup of winter vests from Katie.

• Getting this up close and personal with a lynx would be SO cool...provided I was inside like this person.

• These adoption photos are so beautiful.

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Showed off my weekend wardrobe. (Hint: It's all about the boots.)

• Gave a sneak peek at the new issue of my magazine.

• Shared my 5 Rules For Life.