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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Gift Guide: Alyssa's Favorite Things

Gifts for Women

Gift Guide for Women

This is always one of my favorite posts to put together. I mean, if I can't be Oprah, the next best thing is cannabilizing her infamous idea, right? ;)

Everything on this list is something I already own and love. (Like, LOVE.) Some I've loved for years and some are relatively new to me, but all are awesome. 

Everything here has been tried, tested, and loved by ME. They're all certified Alyssa-pleasers, and I'd venture to say they're near-guaranteed crowd-pleasers, too. Enjoy!

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan: I put this on my gift guide/favorite things list every year, but I can't help it. It's the best! And this year, with quarantine, I fell even more in love with it. It's the softest, coziest, comfiest cardigan that still looks super cute whether you're staying home or going out into the world. I own three (black, light gray, and blue-gray) and wear them multiple times a week.

Dyson AirWrap Complete Styler Copper Limited Edition: I've been wanting a Dyson blowdryer forever and finally got one this year as a gift. It's SOOOO fancy and nice! This set includes all the tools you need to dry, smooth, or curl your hair and comes in a sleek copper case. I haven't tried the curling yet, but I've used the blowdryer and brush attachments to dry and smooth my hair, and I've been amazed how quickly it dries. (And I have thick hair! If you have fine/thin hair, this thing is going to dry your hair insanely fast!) It's also so simple to switch attachments. (I thought it would be difficult or time-consuming. It's not.) Anyway, I get the hype now. The Dyson is amazing. (PS: This set is selling out everywhere VERY fast. If you are even considering it, scoop one up now. You can always return it later--just don't open it!--if you change your mind.)

Abercrombie & Fitch Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket: I bought this jacket for full price at the beginning of the fall, and now it's on sale for just over $100! It looks SO much more expensive though. Super cool, super cute, surprsingly warm, and comes in mutliple colors that are all so good. (I have the black, but I love all the colors, and am currently verrry tempted by the brown!)

Cupcakes & Cashmere Reese Earrings: I wear stud earrings 99.9 percent of the time, and I love these because they are like studs with a little something extra. Unexpected, but still understated. They go with everything!

Williams Sonoma Goldtone Quarter Sheet Pans (Set of 2): I could kick myself for waiting so long to buy this sheet pan. I used to use normal-size sheet pans constantly, but HATED cleaning them since they're a little too big to fit in my dishwasher, which means I ended up having to handwash. These quarter-size pans (half the size of the sheet pans you most likely normally use) are a dream. They are big enough for nearly all jobs I need them for, but they're so much smaller so they fit neatly in any dishwasher. And these gold-finish ones are the best--totally nonstick--and cute, too!

Yeti Tumbler: I bought a pair of these in blue for my husband last year for Christmas, and now we're both obsessed with them. They keep coffee piping hot (or water icy cold) for hours on end like nothing else, plus I love the sleek, unisex look. We use them while working from home, on the go, while driving, etc. 

Keurig Latte and Cappucino Maker: This is another long-time favorite that I've mentioned many times before, but I can't help it. If you love lattes, it is the best thing EVER. It makes lattes (or cappuccinos) that taste exactly like Starbucks, at the push of a button. (It also makes regular coffee.) And it was a lifesaver during the pandemic, especially in those early days, when making a coffee run wasn't really happening. We are so obsessed with it that we actually bought a second one this year, so that we can have one at our lakehouse, too (we used to bring it back and forth and it's a little too big for that to make sense long-term). 

Benefit Together At Lash Mascara Gift Set: Not only does this set have some of my favorite mascaras, but it's an INSANE value. (Honestly, buy this one for yourself!) They're Real and Bad Gal Bang are two of my all-time faves that I've used for years. This cute set comes with both of those, plus Roller Lash, which is also really good. (And all three tubes are full-size!) The best part: The mascaras normally retail for $25, but this set is only $38. So you're essentially getting three awesome mascaras for the price of 1.5 mascaras. No-brainer here!

Calphalon Nonstick All-Purpose Pan: I got a Calphalon pan almost exactly like this for my wedding a million years ago, parked it in a cabinet in my lakehouse, and then pretty much forgot about it. But while we were quarantined there this summer, I rediscovered it--and totally fell in love with it. No it's not lilac or sage like those Insta-famous pans that are everywhere, but forget about them: This one is quite possibly THE perfect pan. It's non-stick and has deep, sloping sides (it's shaped almost like a big bowl). I've used it for cooking anything from stir-frys to pastas to soups and more. The shape is perfect and it cleans SO easily. I've since relocated it to our Hoboken home so I can use it all the time. 

Barack Obama A Promised Land audiobook/ subscription: I've mentioned many times how I have grown to love audiobooks (and how I especially love for listening to audiobooks!). But even if you think you're not an "audiobook person," there are a few situations when audiobooks are truly better than regular books--and memoirs (especially those by celebrities or famous-people) are the best example of this. A written memoir simply does not compare to one read by the person it is written by and about. It is funnier, it is sadder, it is more compelling--you get so much more out of them! Case in point: I have been listening to Barack Obama's new memoir for the past few days, and I'm telling you: You HAVE to get it, and you HAVE to do it in audio. A subscription to would make an amazing gift for anyone, including hard-to-buy-for people like a dad or a person who has everything. And this is the book you should get them! (Unless they're big Trumpers, I guess? Haha.) You can get a three, six, or twelve month subscription to here. Your recipient will get one credit a month that never expires and can be used on anything, including this whopper of a book. And the proceeds will benefit the independent bookstore of your choice, not Amazon. (Indie bookstores need your help more than ever this year!) But hey, if you just want the physical book, that would truly make an amazing gift, too. You can grab a copy here. :)

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer: If you don't have a Dyson budget, do not worry: This blowdryer basically has a cult-following, and I'm telling you: It lives up to the hype! This is what I;ve used for the past three years or so when I have to dry my hair fast with minimal effort. You literally just brush it through your hair and it dries it and adds lots of volume. (Truth be told, it adds a little too much volume on my thick hair! So I will usually pull my hair into a ponytail for awhile afterwards to flatten it out. But if you have finer hair and are looking to add tons of body, this is the way!)

Electric Women Honeybee Sunglasses: Electric makes my absolute favorite sunglasses. The styles are super chic, and I find them pretty much indestructible. (Knock on wood: I've never ruined a pair!) I also own a pair of black Crashers and gray Encelias--both of which I also love--but this unique, golden-y pair is my absolute favorite, and the best part: They're on sale, big time!

J.Crew Factory Moccasin Slippers: I've owned these slippers for a couple years now and they are the comfiest! (And SUCH a good deal. They look and feel waaaay pricier.) I also love that they are substantial enough to wear outside if you need to grab mail, etc. After tons of wear, one of mine finally broke a few days back, but I've already ordered a new pair! (Was going to wait for Xmas, but didn't want to live weeks without them.) 

PJ Salvage Tie-Dye Sweats: Once it became clear we'd be quarantining again this winter, I invested in some more comfy clothes for home. One of my first purchases was this tie-dye lounge set, and I love, love, love it. The hoodie and pants are supremely comfy, and I adore the colors, which are pretty and kind of unexpected for tie-dye. I also like that it's super lounge-y, but not so pajama-like that you can't wear it outside to run errands or something. Grab it. You'll live in it! 

Sweater Weather candle: If loving this seasonal scent from Bath & Body Works makes me basic, so be it. It smells SO good. Sweater Weather comes out in the fall for a limited time and I stock up every year. It's crisp, fresh, ever-so-slightly fruity (I promise, the fruit thing is VERY slight!), and just so, so good. The candles are amazing, but I also love the scent in body wash, hand soap, etc.

Happy shopping!


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