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Friday, November 25, 2011

Favorites Making Me Sparkle Right Now...

The Ouchless Elastics line from Goody makes some of the only ponytail holders strong enough to hold my thick hair. Plus, I just love that they come in cool ombre patterns and fun colors.
I'm totally obsessed with this Chanel foundation. It completely covers everything I need to hide (zits, red blotches, etc), but somehow manages to be completely invisible on.
I have been a major, major fan of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment since it launched. (It's the perfect halfway point between a gel and waxy stick, it smells delicious, and it leaves lips so soft.) Now, Fresh has come out with Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment, which has a sheer reddish tint, so it's just perfect for red-lipstick-phobes like me. There's just a touch of color, so I love to wear it on weekends or when I need to touch up without a mirror. 
In my glitter-obsessed opinion, a big, sparkly necklace works for almost any outfit. I wear one (like this twinkly find that I got at the J.Crew outlet a few months back) almost every day. 

I have really long hair, so it gets super, super dry. These Monoi products from Carol's Daughter make my parched ends feel soft after just one use, and they noticeably cut down on frizz, too. But the best part? The scent. It smells exactly the way you'd want to smell for a sexy evening out on an island vacay.

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