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Friday, April 12, 2013

Home Sweet (New) Home

Welcome home
So, because I didn't feel like I was making enough major life changes this year (I mean, there was this and this, but that's it--haha), my husband and I have decided to make another one. And it's a biggie. {Drumroll, please...} We bought a house (!!)--and we're moving! This has actually been in the works for a few months, but I've kept it pretty quiet because I was superstitious that something was going to happen to make it, you know, not happen. But we closed this week and our dream house (that's it above!) is now officially ours.

The house also happens to be in a completely different area than we live in now, so to make this even a bigger change, we'll soon be making the move from our beloved Brooklyn (sniff, sniff!) to Hoboken, New Jersey! We definitely have mixed feelings about this--we're sad to leave Williamsburg as we really, truly have fallen in love with this place, but we're also very excited to make the move to our new neighborhood. It's certainly a different vibe, but we know it's going to be great. (Plus, apparently there's a blow-dry bar opening there soon, and you know that's pretty much all I need!)

So in the months to come, look for the occasional decorating post to pop up here as I'll be doing a ton of that in the new place. (And will want input and advice!!) 

But for now, I just wanted to share the news! (*Oh and if you live in Hoboken, please, please, please share your favorite spots with me below! Restaurants, shopping, stuff for kids--we need to learn about everything!)



Hitha said...

Aaah, I wish I was moving to Hoboken sooner now! But can't wait to be your neighbor NEXT year :)

DinaKiwi said...

I'm born and raised in Jersey City, which is the next town over. So many great places to eat at that I can suggest (in both cities) ! What kind of food you into?

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