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Monday, June 17, 2013


Greg and two-day-old Nate
Just a quick post to say a belated "Happy Father's Day" to my husband, Greg. As we are still getting used to two kids (and Greg had to leave last night on a less-than-24 hours business trip to Dublin), Father's Day was low-key this year. Daddy enjoyed a private BBQ with his daughter on the back porch, a cake-mix cake (complete with Sadie's specialty: a handful of sprinkles dumped in the center), and a glorious 30 minutes to himself to watch Veep while I toted both kids to the grocery store. Oh, and of course a homemade card covered in crayon scribble and Princess stickers. What could be better?

Happy Father's Day, Greg. We love you!
(...and Sadie and Nate!)

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