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Friday, February 14, 2014

On Valentine's Birthdays...

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Annnnnd...happy birthday to me! Yep, I'm a Valentine's baby, which has been alternately wonderful and annoying for as long as I can remember. The minuses of being born on V-Day? Everyone spends the day celebrating something that is not your birth; you have to give other people cards and presents on your birthday; in college, friends go out to dinner with their boyfriends and you end up having to celebrate with them the following Wednesday (not like I'm still bitter about that though...!); you totally get screwed out of a day of gifts (combo Valentine's/b-day presents are the norm); and have fun trying to get a dinner reservation in New York City on your birthday. And the plusses? Everyone you've ever met in your entire life remembers your birthday; you are genetically programmed to love hearts; anyone who gets a peek at your birth date (bank tellers, doctor's office receptionists, etc) gets weirdly excited when they see that it's 2/14; and finally, you can take comfort in knowing that at least your birthday isn't on Christmas.

Recent years have definitely weighed towards the positive. You begin to care less about birthdays once your age starts with a 3 anyway, and you care less about going out once you have kids and sleeping becomes the most deliciously decadent way to spend your time. And perhaps most important, you start to have the money to buy yourself your own damn gifts! 

Yep, I'll be spending today treating myself to a massage at Bliss (can. not. wait.); a blowout (because DUH); and a private Pilates session at Kure Pilates. Later, we'll have a little party at home (with a cute heart-shaped cake that I spotted the husband and daughter decorating--look for it on Instagram later!), and then just the grown-ups are going out to dinner. Not sure where it is--I'm being surprised!--but I can be pretty sure the reservation was made (out of necessity!) weeks ago. ;)

Have a great Valentine's, all!

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Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

hope you had a fantastic birthday! i know so many people born on valentine's day... it just means you're extra special :)

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