Friday, April 18, 2014

11 Cool Things You Should Click Today

These gorgeous DIY (!) metallic Easter eggs were created by Miss Renaissance (tutorial here)

This week I worked a bunch, hit a few fun events, squeezed in a couple of Pilates sessions, and got very little sleep thanks to this guy. Now, today I'm heading to a SoulCycle class with my husband (his first!) and then prepping for Easter festivities. (We're having friends over for brunch and an egg hunt tomorrow!) 

Hope you all have a great holiday, if you're celebrating. Here, a few fun things to check out between bites of Cadbury eggs and pastel M&Ms. Enjoy!

• How much Easter candy you get for 100 calories. (Spoiler alert: It ain't much.)

• Just bought these pretty sandals. (How great are those dainty gold stars?) Now if only this endless winter would just end already, so that I can wear them.

• Putting PAAS to shame, check out these fashion-inspired Easter eggs. Especially love that Chanel one.

• I cannot stop staring at this amazing One Kings Lane makeover of photographer Gray Malin's outdoor space. The colors! The striped umbrella! The sectional! I want to go to there. Or, better yet, recreate it in my own backyard. Stay tuned...

• Great piece: There Is No Right Way to Have a Baby.  

• This slideshow of stars and their stunt doubles is so good. (And it reminded me of this hilarious star/stunt-double Tom Cruise/Ben Stiller parody from back in the day.)

• Apparently there's a shortage of Frozen merchandise in, basically, the entire world. And parents are going completely insane because of it. (Thank gawd that I threw this party before that happened!)

• On the slim chance you haven't yet seen this guy fail at Wheel of Fortune in the most truly humiliating way(s), then you must watch it. It's beyond cringeworthy, but hilarious. I just wish he wasn't representing my alma mater!

• Um, how gorgeous is this shot of Claudia?

• I want to wear this.

• I want to eat this. (Ok, and this.)

• I want to do this with my hair.


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