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Friday, May 16, 2014

8 Cool Things To Check Out Today

Image via The Coveteur

This week I worked on a fun story about mascara (coming in September!), took my first TRX class at the new Fit RXN in Hoboken (actually half Spin/half TRX--it was HARD!), made a few recipes from Gwyneth's cookbook (not a huge fan of her--but the cookbook is proving to be amazing), and enjoyed the glimpses of nice weather that we had.

Have a great weekend! Here's a few fun things to start you off.

• 3D printing in general just kind of blows my mind. And now this woman has invented a way to 3D print makeup. So just think: In the future, we're all going to have our own mini Sephoras at home. It's insanely cool. 

• I bought these gold Birkenstocks this week and I have a feeling I'm going to be living in them this summer. Comfy and sparkly? Sold. 

My former boss and Lucky magazine beauty director extraordinaire Jean Godfrey June appeared on The Coveteur. I worked for her back when she moved into this home, but I never really saw photos of the finished product. It's incredible! And I adore the way she has decorated it. Very Domino! (That's her jewelry-strewn chandelier above. So cool!)

• I made this vegetarian Pad Thai (with zucchini noodles instead of real noodles!) from Inspiralized this week. And it was delicious! 

• These abandoned shopping mall photos are very cool--and very, very eerie. It makes me think of this poor, dying mall, which was the "fancy mall" near me growing up. I had my first job there (at Limited Too!), working with my friend Dana (a.k.a. Possessionista). It will be sad to see it go. And it will be really sad to say goodbye to the out-of-this-world chicken salad they served in the food court there. I seriously stopped by that mall every time I went home to see my parents just to get one of those salads. They're that good. (Am I right, Possessionista?) 

• I want to buy this. (Such a pretty, flowy tank top! Wouldn't it look gorgeous with dark jeans and my gold Birks? Or tucked into a white midi skirt like this cute, breezy one?) 

• I want to eat this. (Thanks for the link, Hitha!)

• I want to copy this braid. 

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lynn said...

I can't believe Birkenstocks are back! I wish my mom hadn't thrown mine out in the 90's.

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