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Monday, June 30, 2014

Here Comes The... Big News

Flashback: Me (and part of my blog-shy husband's hand!) on my wedding day in New York City

#BridalBeautyThrowback: Hairstylist Sean James Decuers carefully forms "Gisele-like waves" before my wedding.
Did you guys have a good weekend? If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I spent the last few days in Mexico! So. Much. Fun. (And more on that later...) Well, I'm back now, and just popping in quickly to share some news. Kind of big news, actually. And that news is that... {drumroll} ... I got a new job! 

Yep, tomorrow, I'll be starting as the Beauty Director at... Brides magazine! I'm so excited! Because weddings are so exciting, no? And beauty is such a key part of them. It was for me. Those months of wedding prep and planning from a few years back are a bit of a blur of fittings and cake samples for me, but I can clearly remember how important the beauty thing was. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted (glow-y skin, me-but-better makeup, Gisele-like waves), and thanks to two awesome experts (hairstylists Sean James Decuers and makeup artist Erica Whelan), I was able to achieve it. Now, in a small way, I'll get to help other brides with their own beauty visions. Kind of cool, right?

(Oh, and BTW, this site won't change, if you're wondering. I'll still be blogging about all of the same things. I'm already married, of course, so this won't become a wedding blog! For that, read this.)

So, that's my news! Thoughts? If you're a Brides reader, be sure to let me know. And if you're getting married soon (or recently got hitched), please, please, please tell me below if there are any wedding-beauty stories that you're just dying to read. Don't be shy! You have a connection now, after all. ;)


Meet the Magnolias said...

Oh. Em. Gee. SO EXCITED.

Unknown said...

That is great news. I'm a MUA and my bestie is getting married in 3 months. We are starting her trial at the end of this month so I'd love to see some ideas. She doesn't wear make up but wants a smoky eye. This should be interesting. HA!

agapske said...

I'm not getting married but my friend is this fall. I'd love to know to wear my lob/almost shoulder length hair down. SO not into updos.

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

oh my god!!!! how did i miss this? mazel tov. so exciting!

i am getting married in october and am about to book hair/makeup for my bridesmaids. i would love a story on the average prices for those services, maybe based on location? i am in los angeles so i know it'll be pricier than my friends who are getting married in texas.

ah! amazing!

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