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Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

A little red-white-and-blue photo booth action at a recent C. Wonder event. Sunglasses by Bobbi Brown. (I wear them every single day now--so, so in love with them!)
This week was a big one for me--you know, with the new job and all...! Now, I'll spend the nice, long weekend relaxing, hanging out with the fam, and maybe making time for a patriotic pedicure. Happy (early) 4th, all! Here's a few fun reads.

• You know how I love/am totally obsessed with the vintage-y, sparkly gorgeousness that is Lulu Frost jewelry, right? Well, here's a holiday gift to you: 20 percent off ANYTHING ON THE SITE through July 6th with the code JULY4TH20. Enjoy!

• I've been living in Birkenstocks so far this summer. (I own white, gold, and black, and yes, I may have a problem.) Here are 20 stylish ways to wear them.

• Models competing with cats to see who is cuter? Internet gold.

• This real-life emoji Tumblr is kind of hilarious.

• I'm totally buying this strangely-awesome cat lady temporary tattoo for a few of my feline-obsessed friends. (Kristin, Amy, and Jillian--start clearing some space on your lower back.)

• This funny spoon actually has a sense of humor! Made me giggle. So cute.

• I want to read this. (So many people have told me that it's amazing!)

• I want to make (and then devour) these.

• I want to wear this.

• And, ICYMI, these are the best work dresses for summer. I want them all!

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