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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obsessed: Best Summer Dress (It's Under $100!)

Dress, French Connection
Okay, first of all: Please forgive the low-budget iPhone selfie (and messy bedroom. and photo-bomb by my cat--oy). But I couldn't wait any longer to show you this dress. It may be my favorite purchase of the summer so far. Seriously. I am in love with it. 

When I first saw it in the store, I actually didn't notice that it had an open back (and if I had noticed that, I never would have even tried it on--going braless is not an option for me). But once I got it in the dressing room, I figured I might as well put it on, and I am so glad I did. 

The dress is awesome. It's designed perfectly so that you can still wear a bra--nothing shows at all--and the cutout is actually amazing when it's hot out. (Feels kind of like A/C!) Plus, there's a stretchy waistband, so it's really, really comfy, and the overall cut of the piece is extremely flattering and slimming. I recommend going a size up for a looser, breezier fit. That's what I did and it's become my go-to casual dress for sweltering weekend days--I actually get excited to wear it!

And it's under $100! You're welcome.

P.S.- Just remember to cover the exposed area on your back with sunscreen since it's likely a spot that doesn't usually see the light of day. I spritz it with my favorite spray sunscreen after getting dressed--and sometimes ask my daughter to help me reach it.


Grace (The Stripe) said...

so cute, I love!

Meet the Magnolias said...

So cute! I'm always so leery about a cutout, but it looks classic!

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