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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Best People to Follow On Instagram: The Cool Moms {Part 1}

I'm always looking for great new people to follow on Instagram, and I can't be the only one. So I thought it might be fun to list some of my favorite follows here. And I'm going to start with what has become one of my favorite types of people to follow on Insta: cool moms. Cute kids, funny scenarios, awesome photography--these are the mothers who make it all look easy... and gorgeous. I realized that I have so many faves in this category, in fact, that this is just part one of two. (And, um, speaking of cool moms--heh, heh--are you following me??) Meet the mommies:

New York mom Ilana captures beautiful, often-funny, always-adorable shots of her two daughters, Mazzy and Harlow. She shoots everything on her iPhone, which is crazy because her photos are so, so good. She has a knack for going viral (see #babymugging and #babysuiting--both her creations), and also has a hilarious blog.

2) @taza

Imagine a hipster fairytale set in NYC and this account would be it. It follows mom Naomi, dad Josh, and their two little cherubs, Eleanor and Samson, as they romp through the city in Saltwater sandals eating popsicles, taking in the sights, and generally living a gorgeous Instagram-filtered life where there's nary a tantrum in sight. :) (Warning: You are going to want to be Naomi's BFF.) By the way, I am completely in awe of how often these two travel with their two little ones. Utah, New Orleans, Holland--it's seriously impressive (and fun!) to watch all the places they drag their Bugaboo.

3) @roopikamalhotra

This is one of those rare instances where I actually know the person behind the account. Roopika used to be a beauty editor here in New York. Now she lives in L.A. and it's so fun following her adventures out there as a writer, blogger, and mom. She has the two most beautiful little daughters (always in the prettiest outfits!), and her photos often have this gorgeous pink cast, presenting a very rose-colored view of La-La-Land life that I just love. (Check out her blog, too.)

4) @ladyandprince

Marissa works in fashion (VP of creative for Ivanka Trump), blogs about her kids, and has the perfect little Brooklyn family. Afternoons at the park, skipping down the city streets, supercute outfits--they are a J.Crew catalog come to life, I swear. Love.

5) @hollywoodhwife

Compared to the others here, Laura posts relatively rarely on Insta (for more regular updates, follow her awesome blog--it's a daily read for me.), but the pics are worth the wait. She often shoots with a quirky, really interesting perspective that's fun to see. Plus her kids are super expressive and her husband (a producer/director/creator of Jackass) seems hilarious. They give off such a cool-family vibe--the kind of group you'd want to hang out with, for sure.

6) @shakeyourbeauty

I first knew Tia from the beauty world (she has worked as a beauty editor at magazines like Lucky and Elle), but she's also an author, beauty blogger, and of course, mom. I adore her Instagram because the love between her and her daughter emanates through every frame. Plus she has amazing hair, so for me, that's half the battle right there. :)

Now, please tell me: Who are some of your favorite follows? (Could be moms or non-moms--I'd love to hear about anyone great!) And leave your Instagram handle below and I'll definitely check out your account. :)


Meet the Magnolias said...

I have a post like this in my blog drafts! LOVE posts like these, as I'm a follow-a-holic.

Roopika Malhotra said...

Aw, thank you so much, Alyssa! I'm flattered to be included in such great company, and I love your feed, too! Other moms I enjoy following are @thelittlest, who posts beautiful images of her two daughters alongside thoughtful, poetic captions, and @courtneybabyccino, a chic mama of four (!) in London.

Lindsey said...

I love this! Wasn't following them all and will check out right now. I love @zibster and @khmacomber for their shots of nature and the sky ... and @lifewithroozle for fantastic pictures of her awesome little girl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including me on this list! I'm so flattered. And now off to check out these other women. Such a fun post.

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