the sparkly life: 9 Beauty Situations That Make You Want to Cry Like Kim Kardashian

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

9 Beauty Situations That Make You Want to Cry Like Kim Kardashian

I posted the photo above (a #regram from Up & Out salon) on my Insta last week. It totally cracked me up because it's just so true, right? It got me thinking about other beauty annoyances, so I thought it would be fun to illustrate a few of them--in GIF form. Enjoy!

1. When you walk out of the salon with a killer new blowout...and it starts raining.

2. When you go to get more of your favorite lip gloss and find out it's just been discontinued.

3. When you discover your new waterproof mascara...just isn't.

4. When you're trying to decide whether you should gather the energy to take your makeup off before bed or play Russian Roulette with your skin and just go to sleep.

5. When you wake up with a big zit placed conveniently in the exact center of your forehead. 

6. When you've spent approximately 100 years expertly applying your mascara. And then you sneeze.

7. When the hair on your head grows painfully slow--but the ones on your upper lip are multiplying like crazy. 

8. When you buy an expensive new self-tanner, slather it on, then find out that it's clearly not your shade. 

9. When it becomes obvious that your hair stylist is cutting off more than the quarter-inch you requested.

Now it's your turn! What did I forget? Below, please tell me what beauty moments make you want to cry. Maybe you'll see them come to life in GIF form here soon. ;)

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Roopika Malhotra said...

When you finally get a chance to get a mani/pedi, then smudge your polish while grabbing your keys. Cute post! xx

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