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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift Guide: What's On MY Holiday Wish List

my holiday list
These are a few of my favorite (and most coveted!) things.

I've done a few gift guides so far this year (here and here), but I thought it would be fun to do one made up of the actual items that I personally, actually asked for this year. I always feel a little weird coming up with a holiday list, but my parents (and brothers and husband) always want one, so here it is. These are a few of the ideas I gave them. Hopefully it will inspire you if you've still got a few last-minute gifts to buy. I would be thrilled to received any one of these things.

1. J.Crew Merino Wool Tippi Sweater: I own two of these sweaters already (grey and sky blue) and they are THE BEST THINGS EVER. They have become true staples in my wardrobe, and here's why: The cut is super flattering, the three-quarter-length sleeves means you can wear them practically year round, and they go with everything. I wear them constantly with jeans; they also look really cute with skirts. I have my eye on the basic black and the pretty pink. But, really, I'd be thrilled with any color.

2. Sony DSC-QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens Style Camera: I have wanted this forever. It's a lens attachment that lets you take DSLR-quality photos with your PHONE. I own a great DSLR camera, but it's very heavy and bulky, so I find myself just shooting with my phone when I'm out and about. It would be game-changing to be able to take amazing photos--with something I can just pop in my purse.

3. "You Can't Spin With Us" tank: Cute! The perfect motivation to get me to SoulCycle or Wheelhaus a little more regularly.

4. Paleo cookbooks: Since I am on a Paleo diet now, I'm always looking for new, good cookbooks. I've heard amazing things about Nom Nom Paleo, so that's top of my list. (If you're looking for other great Paleo cookbooks, try Against All GrainMeals Made Simple, or Every Last Crumb. I own all three and all are fantastic.)

5. Nike In Season TR-4 sneakers: These are SLIP-ON SNEAKERS. For those days when you're too lazy to tie (me, everyday), they're the thing. And they're super cute, too! 

6. Cookie dough scoop: Because I want my cookies to be pretty and uniform, dammit! (This would be a great stocking stuffer for a friend who likes to bake, BTW. One of those things that no one really buys, but anyone could use.)

7. Core Plus Reformer: I mean, I would DIE to own a real Pilates reformer, but I don't have the space (or the funds!) for that. So I'm intrigued by this little gadget, which is designed to mimic the stretching and strengthening moves that you do on the studio apparatus.

8. Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Boots in Brown: I splurged on the black Rag & Bone Newbury boots about a month ago and they have fast become my very favorite shoe. They are impossibly cool (I get compliments every time I wear them) and they are actually comfy (the heel is nice and thick, so they're easy to walk in). I wear mine with jeans and with dresses (I even wore them with this dress to a fancy holiday party!). Yes, they are expensive, but I'm getting so much use out of them, so I justify them that way. I'd love the brown pair for those outfits when black just doesn't work.

9. Gold serving pieces: I highlighted these in this post already, but I just love them so much. So pretty for entertaining (or for every day if you're fancier than me!).

10. Peloton bike: Okay, so this one definitely falls into the "maybe-if-we-win-the-lottery-and-also-if-we-suddenly-have-space-for-a-gym" category, but if money wasn't a factor, I'd so want one of these. Have you heard of these things? They are exercise bikes with an attached screen that lets you stream live Spin classes! So instead of pedaling away watching House Hunters, you're part of a real live exercise your own home. Too. Cool.

11. Gift cards: I love a good gift card and told my family that I'd be psyched to get one to PiperlimeAnthropologie, Zappos, Amazon, or Shopbop since I frequent all of them so much anyway.

Tell me: Are any of these things on your list (to give or to get), too?

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