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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

13 Cool Things To Click On Today

A fresh manicure (Essie's Wicked--one of my all-time faves); cool new products launching from Oribe in April; perusing my Alt Summit schedule--exciting!; the great, meditative view from our new offices
Hello from Salt Lake City! Yep, I'm currently on the other side of the country at Alt Summit. (Follow me on Instagram to join in on the fun!) But of course wanted to quickly pop in to share a couple of fun links. Enjoy...and have a great weekend!

• This cute dress makes it possible to basically wear a giant sweatshirt and still look totally chic. This essentially equals MY DREAM.

• A must-follow on Instagram: makeup artist Maria Malone. Forget red lips or rosy cheeks--that's child's play for this woman. Her work is INSANE. She can make a human face look like anything. Check out this seal (yes, that is actually someone's face!), this cougar, and even Robin Williams. Oh, and this Elsa totally freaks me out.

• I relate so much to this funny, poignant post: Parenting On Speed.

• Kids who look EXACTLY like their parents.

• Grain-free sweet potato gnocchi! Paleo pasta! Get in my belly!

• Anyone with kids will love this: Sleep has a marketing problem.

• Fascinating: Why mothers and daughters fight. (h/t Laura)

• 15 toys from the '80s now worth serious money. Did you own any of them?

• Moms who vacation at Target.

• Fun shirt: I find your lack of sparkle disturbing. (via Bev)

• The myth of vitamin C.

• Do you remember that song "Closing Time?" The one about leaving a bar? Turns out it's not about leaving a bar. And you won't believe what it's really about! (Note: Skip to about 3:30/3:40 in the video to get to the right part.)

And, in case you missed it, this week I...

• Shared a few pretty things currently on my wish list.

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