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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Snow Days Are Like Being In Prison When You're A Parent

Yesterday's "double iPad" lunch notwithstanding, I'm a good mom, I swear.
Fifteen minutes of getting him into this outfit for two minutes of playing in the snow.

We took a field trip to Dunkin' Donuts. I was desperate.

Learning numbers, animals, and shapes with puzzles. (a.k.a. evidence that not everything we did today had sugar or a screen.)

I remember when the words "snow day" would elicit joy. As a kid, I was elated every time a blizzard rendered the roads impassable and the schools closed. Even as a single girl, snow days were amazing. I'd stay inside, pig out, and watch movies on the couch. Maybe a friend would come over, maybe I'd just relax by myself. There were naps involved. Snow days were heaven.

Yes, "were" as in past tense. These days? Snow days are hell.

I was reminded of this yesterday. We got about eight inches in NJ (slightly more in the city), which was far less than the "historic" accumulation they were predicting. But truth be told, I would have preferred a record breaker. Eight inches, you see, turned out to be the exact wrong amount. It was just enough that my office closed, the subways were effed up, and my nanny couldn't make it in, but not so much that my husband couldn't make it in to work.

So, you know what that means: I was home with my kids alone. Remember last time I was home all day with them by myself? Yeah, it was a bit of a shitshow. Well, at least that time I had my daughter in school part of the day and decent weather. But snow days are different.

When you're a parent, snow days are kind of like being in prison. (I mean, a prison where you love your cellmates more than anything in the world, of course. But still--prison.) Think about it: You're stuck inside. You can't go outside except maybe for an hour a day, if you're lucky. You don't have a moment to yourself. You don't have privacy when you go to the bathroom. Everyone's bored and in a bad mood. And everyone's yelling at you and telling you what to do all the time.

Yesterday was tough, man. It was a lot of iPad watching, a lot of puzzles and books, a lot of junk food, and about fifteen minutes of getting suited up in snow pants, coats, and mittens only to go outside to play for about two minutes. And that was just the first two hours!

Did I mention our cable was down? Yeah. Thanks, universe. Even in prison, they have cable.

Around 4pm, there was major cabin fever happening--and I had the worst case of it. I was also craving a latte like nobody's business, so I made the executive decision to take the kids out for a field trip. To Dunkin' Donuts. 

My daughter refused to get out of her pajamas, so I threw a coat and boots over her nightgown and pj pants, stuck my son who is too big for the Ergo into the Ergo, and headed out. We trudged to Dunkin' Donuts only to find out that it was closed. (WTF?) So, after a quick photo op (above), we continued the excursion for a few blocks where we hit up 7 Eleven and Starbucks. I was desperate, people. 

We headed home, made dinner, watched a little more iPad (natch), and then DADDY CAME HOME. I have never been so excited to see my husband. My sentence was officially over. Free at last!

I handed my sweet little inmates over, ordered a pizza (Paleo, be damned--this day called for serious carbs), relaxed on the couch with a little Internet time, and then laid down for some blessed sleep.

Today, life returns to normal. My daughter is back in school, my son's classes are back on, and I'm back in the office. I'm even wearing a dress! That doesn't have Play-Doh on it! And, seriously, I've never been so freaking excited.

So, if I can leave you with one lesson, let it be this: If you see a mom today, do not ask her how her "day off" was. You've been warned.


Lindsey said...

Jealous! We are on snow day #2 here ...

Unknown said...

I can TOTALLY relate to your experience of taking 15 minutes to dress for the outdoors, only to have your kid play in the snow for two minutes.

Yeah. Snow days generally suck.

Unknown said...

haha, Yes! We had a snow day in the beginning of the week then my toddler has been sick for the rest of the week, so we've been trapped inside for the entire week. I'm starting to lose my mind.

A Day in the Life of a Drama Queens Momma said...

YEEESSS! We are dealing with this today. Within an hour of waking up, all of my girls were at each other's throats. Finally, I bundled them up and sent them outside to shovel, hoping that would get some of their energy and frustration out. They came in griping too. But after some hot cocoa, it is Netflix to the rescue!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness.... yes for trips for coffee and other delectable goodies! I AM THERE. Our summers are when we have to hide, inside all day with temps only getting down to 95 degrees at night and highs in the 120s during the day. We go to Target, Costco, and Starbucks. AC for the win! But I can not imagine not being able to travel out of the house with little ones except for walking- WAY TO GO MOM! I do have a fondness and have fabulous memories from the NW and snow days when I was little... will have to call my mom and thank her for all her work. :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha too funny! It is so hard to be inside with littles. We make obstacle courses.

Globetrotting Mommy said...

OMG you are soooo right! That snow day was so hard. I was actually thrilled when my daughter said she didn't want to go play in the snow because I knew it would be so hard to get her dressed and then she would be freezing as soon as we got outside. Thank goodness NYC schools rarely close...

Krista said...

The hardest part of snow days the TV . My daughter would easily watch all day and sometime I want to let her! :)

Julie Danielle said...

I hear ya! I never had snow days growing up being from CA but if it snows here in TN, everything is shutdown. This is our 1st snow day of the week but yesterday they were off for a holiday. I am afraid we will have snow days all week long.

Unknown said...

I agree it was lots of fun when we were children. It is funny how the tables turn and it makes it more rough because you can get out doing anything.

Sally Cannon said...

I love snow days! It's a day off for me too! No commuting or working typically and I got to spend the whole day- guilt free with the kid! Is there something wrong with me? It was a break from the routine and we made memories! Bundle up, trudge to hill, sleigh ride, snow board, let dog go with other moms with nowhere else to go! I LOVED IT! Trudge home with chum and build a fort (flip living couch get sheets/ movies...bake chocolate chip cookies, make tomato soup with homemade soup and cookies with milk! Watch movies with boys and wet dog. A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME! It is fleeting Mommas! Snow days are the most precious! Trust me on this one! So what they are a little xtra effort. What am I missing????

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