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Friday, February 20, 2015

15 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

When the weather is as frightfully cold as it's been and the cabin fever is at maximum levels, might I suggest having a bubble dance party in your basement?
I always hate it when bloggers (myself very much included) start a post with some version of: "Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted much this week." I always think: "Oh. You didn't? I had no idea." The truth is, I almost never notice when a blogger--even my very favorite ones--slack a little on their posting schedule. There's just too much content out there, and the way I tend to consume it (almost always via Bloglovin or social media shares) means that, if it's not in my feed, I'm just going to read what is--and then catch those favorite bloggers next time they do show up.

So every time I'm tempted to apologize for not posting as much as I'd like (like this week), I try to remind myself of this: No one but my mother noticed. (And, actually, she's on vacation this week with no wifi, so there goes that.) 

Am I alone in this? Do you guys notice when your favorite bloggers miss a day of posting? Do you notice if I post three, four, five times one week and then (gulp) twice the next? And if you do, do you even care? I would actually LOVE to know.

That said, I did post today (woo!), so here's a few fun links. Enjoy!

• I thought my husband was insane when he bought this bubble machine. But now I think he's genius. It has been saving us on the weekends when we can't take the kids to the park or....anywhere, really. We switch on the machine; turn on some Becky G, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift videos on Apple TV; and sit back while my kids have a "bubble dance party." (See above!) Kids and bubbles, man.

• Gap has been killing it lately with their sweatshirts. They're cute and very reasonably priced. I love the quilting and boxy cut of this one and this tropical print is kind of amazing, no? (Best part: The sweatshirts--and everything else on the site--is on sale through tomorrow. Use code MAJOR for 30 percent off.)

• My daughter is really getting into Dr. Seuss lately, so I was excited to see that there's a new, long-lost Dr. Seuss book coming out! Just pre-ordered it here.

• Death to The Chicken Finger: A fascinating examination of how we've managed to create a generation of picky eaters.

• I'm obsessed with this beauty look. (Even if I'm too chicken to actually pull it off in real life!)

• I made this sticky apricot chicken earlier this week and it was so yummy, had very few ingredients, and was super, beyond easy.

• An awesome takedown of the suckage that is TV news these days.

• This blush pink leather moto jacket is heaven on earth.

• I'm featured on the Retail Me Not blog this week sharing some winter fashion favorites!

• A little post-Valentine's Day truth for my fellow moms out there.

• Bailey McCarthy, (the awesome interior designer I'm working with who I introduced you to here) and her company Biscuit Home, just launched their latest bedding collection (Boone and Bloomsbury) and it is so good.

• I can't wait to see this documentary about the surprisingly small group of people who have been behind the misinformation dissemination for everything from tobacco to toxic chemicals to climate change.

• What happens when an abandoned Walmart becomes the world's coolest library.

• The snow situation in Boston is just insane. If you live there, tell me: Is it is terrifying as these pictures make it look?! They seriously freak me out!

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Shared my favorite nail polish, two gorgeous lip colors, a cool (and crazy-good-deal!) bag, and more. 


Courtney Dunlop said...

sweet - thanks for the heads up on the Gap sale. I've been eyeing the stripe scuba skirt. I think they've been killing it in general! I've found more there in the past two months than I have in the previous 10 years.

Meet the Magnolias said...

You know I love every time you post, but I don't get upset if you don't. Life is busy! And I like legitimate content best anyway!

That Bloomsbury bedding is TO DIE.

That documentary looks SO interesting. Have you seen the preview for the one HBO is doing about Scientology?!

Lastly, I want to visit that Walmart Library.

MyBright Firefly said...

Aw, bubble dance party. How fun! You husband is genius :) I love the picture of a princess dancing!

MrsMuffinTop said...

I can't wait for the new Dr Seuss book either!! I love Gap, too. Thanks for this!!!

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