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Friday, April 10, 2015

17 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Necklace by Juliet & Company (c/o)
This week I became officially sick of my winter clothes. I mean, I've been wearing them for what--20 months now? 30? 100? I've lost count. This weather is insane. I've now issued a strict moratorium on tights, but since it's too freaking cold for bare legs, I've basically been relegated to an All Jeans, All The Time life. 

First world problems, I know.

This weekend we're gearing up for three birthday parties--two for my daughter's friends (this is what happens when you have a preschooler. Nonstop birthday parties) and one for mine. Spoiler alert: I'll be wearing jeans to all of them.

Here are a few fun things to click on today. Have a great weekend!

• Wore my new (mega) statement necklace this week (that's it above) to distract me from the fact that I was still in warm sweaters. Love the jumbo size, the sparkle--and the fact that it's under $80. 

• This beautiful skirt is spring. Want. 

• How to self-promote without being annoying as hell.

• Dang! 92 year old celebrity gossip legend Liz Smith isn't holding anything back in this interview.

• The ten most toxic products in dollar stores.

• This teaser for season two of True Detective is getting me psyched.

• I want a shedquarters!

• The one thing the NRA does not want you to talk about? Kids dying in gun accidents. Here's why(And by the way, American children are nine times more likely to die in gun accidents than kids anywhere else in the world. Horrible.) 

• Love these photos of cats with crazy fur patterns.

• I needed this this week: 13 signs you're a better mom than you think.

• Why, in 2015, are women still asked for their marital status on things like rental applications or medical forms? GOOD QUESTION. (h/t Felicia)

• Would you buy the Poop N Pull for your potty-training kids? (I honestly can't decide whether the thing is genius or ridiculous or both.)

• Kind of amazing that one doctor may have found the secret of SIDs.

• And now in truly important news...Taco Bell will soon deliver.

And in case you missed it, this week I...

• Revealed my secrets for getting little kids to open up about big issues with Mommy Shorts.

• Shared the fashion, accessories, and art that I'm currently obsessing over.

• Hit a big milestone. (C'mon,  you know you wanna join me!)


Krista said...

Awesome list. That pink skirt is evvvvverything! i love it and want it but have nowhere to wear it :) My 4 year old has been on an insane bday party kick too. These past few weeks we have been to 6!! And we have 2 more tomorrow. It's a bit insane!

Nikki said...

Winter clothes what are those??!! Ha ha I would gladly wear some of those it's already in the 90s down here. I hears about Taco Bell but I have to say we have some amazing homemade Mexican restaurants closer to us and they are much better and the prices are around the same !

Unknown said...

LOL Taco Bell delivering oh dear! The 13 signs article is great and I have been following the story of the doctor finding the secret to SIDS, wouldn't that be amazing! Great list and AWESOME necklace!

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