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Friday, June 5, 2015

17 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Photo via Cherubina
Man, this has been a busy week at work! We're producing our big fall beauty issue, so the past few days have been chock full of a lot of writing, a lot of editing, a lot of meetings, and a LOT of pouring through beauty products looking for the exact right ones to shoot for the (many!) stories in the issue. It was stressful and crazy, but to make things even nuttier, I was doing this all while giving up caffeine. (WTF WAS I THINKING??) 

And now, this weekend is actually uncharacteristically packed, too. We've got two children's birthday parties, a night out with grown-up friends, and then Sunday, I'm going on a local "secret garden" tour, which I promise, is less geriatric than it sounds. (It's a great way to be a total snoop and see the insides--and backyards!--of fancy houses in the neighborhood.)

In the meantime, here are a few fun links to check out. Enjoy!

• Where has this beauty product been all my life? It basically erases my pores and makes my foundation look a zillion times smoother and better. And it's from the drugstore. Love.

• A simple but profound idea.

And now for a book report: I finished this book last week (amazing--I looked like a crazy person crying on the train while reading it multiple times), quickly tore through this one (funny and really good), and am now reading this one, which I'm really enjoying--it's dark but still an easy, good read.

• These spirit eye dishes are so cute.

• What happens when one woman leaves her makeup on for a month. (Eek.)

• These famous interior designers discover Pinterest! Four years late. #LOL

• Loved this piece on "social engineering" and the role mothers often play in making their children's classmates feel excluded. And really loved the message of "Teach your kid by example to include."

• One of the all-time biggest mommy bloggers talks life after mommy blogging.

• The 33 best ice cream shops in the U.S. (So excited that Cliff's in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, made the cut. Their cookie dough ice cream is life-changing! It contains cookie dough AND pieces of actual cookie, people. Yep.)

• The horrible reason this woman received her doctorate 77 years late.

• Don't these sugared berries look delicious?

• The all-time funniest restaurant review.

• Thoughts on the future of small-time bloggers.

And in case you missed it, recently I...

• Showed the before and after of my outdoor space makeover.

• Talked about whether it's ok to kiss your kids on the lips.

• Asked for your help on painting my walls this color.

• Hosted a fun giveaway for an exciting new home decor book.


Ashlee Marie said...

What a fun list! I need to check out those 33 ice cream shops - new life goal ;) thx for including my berries!

WorkingMomMagic said...

I know I always tell you this, but I love these posts every week. I am totally buying that face primer (esp since it has an SPF!!) and I cant wait to read the Dooce Article.

onlyashes85 said...

Awesome!!! I opened like half a dozen of these. Can't wait to check them out. I really like this idea! :)

Unknown said...

Man, I just couldn't stop clicking on everything on your list. It was such a diverse and interesting list of goodies, thanks so much for sharing! It tells me a lot about you actually; you are so interesting and have diverse and very cool interests! I'll be back and PS I have to try that make-up "primer"!

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