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Monday, November 9, 2015

Mommy and Me Fashion: Welcome to Boot Season

This post is sponsored by DSW Shoes.

Hers and hers: Rampage Amanda Girls Boot and Steve Madden Fame Combat Boots

mommy and me boots

Clockwise from top left: Guess Riding Boots, Steve Madden Girls' Riding Boots, Report Mathews Boot, Nine West Girls' Riding Boot, Minnetonka Hello Kitty Fringe Youth Boot, Minnetonka Fringe Western Boot, Nina Girls' Boot, Unisa Over the Knee Boot

Somehow, independently of one another, my daughter and I have both seemingly declared Fall 2015 to be The Season of Boots. We're both obsessed with them. We love them with jeans, with dresses, with leggings. We're loving them with anything and everything. Go figure: I hate the cold, I don't get particularly excited about Sweater Weather, but man, do I love me some Boot Season.

Luckily, there are loads of cute ones out there right now. DSW Shoes recently sent us each a pair to try out. Hers are slouchy black suede boots that she is VERY protective of. (If there is a cloud in the sky, she actually carries them to school in her backpack so as not to risk getting a drop of rain on the suede.) Mine are a pair of black combat boots that I can't wait to use to add a little edge to all my favorite dresses. 

My daughter has long been really into dressing up like me, so this is a fun way to wear something similar, but not crazy matchy-matchy. So, going along with that theme, I've also selected a few favorite mommy/daughter pairs that we've got our eyes on next. (Check them out above!)

Are you as boot-obsessed as us right now? Which style is your favorite?

At DSW, we believe that shoes have the power to bring out something great in everyone. So no matter who you are or how you dress, we've got just what you need. Shoes say a lot about you. Spend a little, say a lot. 


Unknown said...

So fun! I love all these boots! I don't have a daughter, but I do have a few nieces, and I'd love to match boots with them.

Bree Talks said...

I have boots similar to your "mommy" ones! Love them! You can never have too many!

JLynnCorter said...

I am totally boot-obsessed! I loooove my boots!

Unknown said...

My daughter and I are boot obsessed too!!!! We have matching moccasins...need to venture into the matching boot world though...Im not ready to get any that match her pink disney princess boots though :)

Unknown said...

I NEED a pair of boots. I haven't bought any because I'm worried I'll go to try some on and find out my calves are too big. Sigh. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get some, these are all so cute.

Meredith @ MommyAtoZ said...

I like boots season too! Such a fun way to add some character to an outfit! These look great, and how fun that you and your daughter can wear boots in style together!

Cindy S said...

Oh how I love boots! I really like some of these you've featured here. We don't have this store in my town though, bummer :/

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg loving the boots!!!!! I live where it's pretty much winter all year long so boots are my best friend ;-)

Aaronica said...

i LOVE boot season! but my calves make it so difficult!!!!

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