the sparkly life: Spring Break at Beaches in Turks & Caicos

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break at Beaches in Turks & Caicos

My kids live for buffets. (If I'm being honest, though, so do I.)
When a 6-foot-tall Elmo visits...and completely freaks your kid out.

Hanging with the locals

Well, we're off to spring break in Turks & Caicos! And we're actually going back to the very same resort we went to last year: Beaches. The pictures above are all from last year's trip. Although a few pics went up on Instagram back then, I never posted them here on the blog--oops!

We had an incredible time there last year, so decided to do it all over again. If you haven't heard of Beaches, allow me to explain: But first, let me say that, if you do not have small children, Beaches is not for you. In fact, if you do not have kids, Beaches will probably be your worst nightmare. But, if you do have little kids, honey, it is everything.

Beaches is an all-inclusive resort where everything is beyond kid-friendly. There's great food for them (let's just say, you won't run in to a situation where there's no chicken fingers on the menu), there's fun shows for them (think more Sesame Street dance parties, less Hamilton, though), there's amazing pools, fun activities, and so. much. more.

One of the highlights of our trip last year was when Elmo came to "tuck in" the kids one night. My son (who, at the time, was obsessed with Elmo) was SO freaked out. He laid stiff as a board for the majority of the time, finally warming up to the 6-foot-tall Elmo at the very end. (You may remember this story from my Instagram. It was actually one of my most popular Instas ever!)

And, above all, the kid's club is unbelievable.

The kid's club. All hail the kid's club! We had never been to a resort with a kid's club before, and after that trip, we swore we'd never go to a resort without one again. For the uninitiated, kid's clubs are basically activity centers (a.k.a. glorified day cares) where you can drop off your kids to play for awhile. This might sound sort of cruel, but consider that 1) very little kids don't want to be out in the sun all day. They get bored. (My son was only 18 months last year). And 2) Little kids can't be in the sun all day. It's dangerous. 

And this kid's club is awesome. They have tons of toys, they have a (shaded) kid's pool, and they have cool activities like treasure hunts, cookie baking with Cookie Monster, and arts and crafts. We would take our son every morning for two or three hours, while we hung out with our daughter at the pool. Then, we'd meet up with him for lunch, take him back to the room for his nap, and then we'd all go to the pool again around 4 or 5, once the sun wasn't as strong.

But here's the best part: There were three mornings when my daughter wanted to go to the kid's club, too. So there were three mornings when my husband and I had two or three hours to ourselves! THIS IS UNHEARD OF!!! We spent it by being SUPER exciting: reading and napping by the pool. And you know what? IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Because of those few hours scattered throughout the week where we actually got to relax, the entire trip ended up feeling like an actual vacation (unlike a mere trip like this one). This is nothing short of miraculous.

So, we're heading out to do it all over again. I've already downloaded my books for those few precious kid-free hours by the pool, I've gotten my pedicure, and I am READY for some warm weather.

**If you want to tag along on our spring break trip, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (alyssahertzig). I expect to be snapping a TON. (Get ready, Elmo...)

Do you guys have any fun spring break plans? And have you ever been to Beaches?

(BTW, this post is NOT sponsored in any way, shape, or form. We paid the full cost for this trip. Believe me. #oy)


WorkingMomMagic said...

OMG I am checking out this place right now! I have heard of Beaches, but I didnt really know what it was about. That picture with your son and Elmo is HILARIOUS.

Melissa Tischler said...

Have fun!!! Do you think kids my age ( 9 next year!) would enjoy, or is it more focused on the younger ones?

Erin said...

We have wanted to try Beaches for a few years!!!! It looks like you had an amazing time and seriously...All hail parent alone time on vacation!!!

Shann said...

This sounds like the best vacation ever! Whenever we travel with the kids, it's so exhausting and so unlike a vacation. An area where the kids can play and we could have free time?!?! I'd pay anything!!! Hope you have an amazing time!

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg this must of been a blast!!!!!! I was picked for #BeachesMoms last year but couldn't go because of hubby's work schedule and it was a family thing. Your post makes me hope I can pull it off this year, that is if I get picked again lol.

Unknown said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I want to take my kids there. This looks like sooo much fun!!! Love all inclusive places, and this looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing <3

JLynnCorter said...

Wow! That is amazing! It looked like you guys had a TON of fun! I totally want to go now!

MsCrookedHalo said...

My daughter freaked out like when she met Santa Clause for the first time. It was us. Lol.

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