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Friday, May 6, 2016

23 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

My little guy turned three this week! I can't believe it. And now, this weekend, we're having his party, so I'm currently in a frantic last-minute party-prep panic. (I didn't even settle on the theme--pirates--until a week ago...! Eek.) 

That's why I'm going to cut this intro short, since I've got to get back to stuffing the treasure-chest pinata and spraying Oreos with edible gold paint. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat for photos this weekend!

In the meantime, here's a few fun links to check out. Have a great weekend!

• This top is such a cute everyday basic--and it's on sale at Nordstrom for $27! I have no clue how that's possible, but I'm not asking questions. Going to scoop up the olive green, the black, and the blue!

• Speaking of great basics, I could probably live in this top. I mean, I could eat alllll the pasta and NO ONE WOULD KNOW.

• I came thisclose to buying this gorgeous sundress before Mom 2.0 and now I'm totally regretting that I didn't. I tried it on in the store on a whim, and it was so pretty, feminine, and sweet. That's it. I've convinced myself. I'm buying it online right now...

• My heart just skipped a beat: Rose-gold Birks! NEED.

• I'm 80 percent through this book right now, and I cannot put it down. It's certainly tough to read in parts (it involves some very extreme child abuse), but the story and characters are really, really good 

• This story is amazing: My friend, DIY blogger Laurel of A Bubbly Life, spotted an old chair out with the neighbor's garbage. She grabbed it, did her DIY magic, and posted the (awesome!) results on her blog. Then, she found out the chair hadn't actually been garbage! Here's what happened next.

• I wrote two fun pieces for the 10 best beauty products at Whole Foods and ten more you have to try at Trader Joe's.

• How moms are making money on Instagram.

• Made me laugh. (So true, as anyone who has ever worked in an office can attest!)

• Fresh tacos on demand! Meet the Keurig of tortillas.

• Loved this look at foodie culture vs. what Americans actually eat. (Confession: I totally use and love!)

• I couldn't stop scrolling through this website with its super close-up, unretouched photos of celebrities. Stars: They have zits and wrinkles just like us!

• Bath & Body Works is bringing back six '90s scents we knew and loved. And two are top-secret! My '90s self would be hoping that one of them is Sun-Ripened Raspberry. (What was your BBW scent back in the day?)

• Sorry, but I feel like maybe you should, you know, stop saying "I feel like" right now. (Seriously, though. Stop saying it.) 

• Is this the world's cutest beach mat or what?

• I agree wholeheartedly with this article: Top sheets are the devil.

• While my situation isn't as extreme as this one, I'm often the person behind the camera when taking photos of my family instead of being in the frame, so this piece really made me think. The Mom Who Wasn't There: The Ghost In Our Family Photos.

• I've always wondered about this: How celebrities make money by appearing in clubs.

• Turns out the fingerprint security feature on your iPhone isn't as secure as you may think. Now, let me preface this by saying I don't ever expect to be in a situation where the government is trying to force me to unlock my phone...! But I still thought it was interesting that, while it's true that you can't be forced to turn over your passcode, a court has ruled that you can be ordered to open it via fingerprint. The more you know.

And in case you missed it, I...

• Survived the Mom 2.0 conference--and fell in love with a deodorant in the process.

• Shared the ten supercute, affordable pieces of clothing I'm loving right now.

• Talked career, beauty products, and the little known thing I have in common with Lauren Conrad.

• Introduced you to author, beauty expert, and supermom Tia Williams. (Seriously, how great were her parenting tips?)


Unknown said...

The link to the edible gold paint was broken but I found one for you!

I will be spray painting oreos this weekend LOL

Urban Homeschoolers Of Columbus said...

Thanks I'm going to check these out.

meech812 said...

I really like that sundress from Club Monaco. If we ever get warm weather in NYC maybe you will see me in it :)

TheJerseyMomma said...

I am psyched that Bath and Body Works is bringing back the 90's scents. Country Apple will be in my collection, of course! Great list of cool things, for sure!!

JLynnCorter said...

Okay, I am totally IN LOVE with those Rose Gold Birkenstocks! LOVE!

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