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Friday, May 27, 2016

21 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Summer is finally--finally--here. We'll be living the lake life this weekend, spending some time out at Lake Hopatcong, which is about 50 minutes away from NYC...but feels about 5000 miles away. Follow along by following me on Snapchat, here!

I found a lot of fun things this week--and (eek) did a lot of shopping--and I'm excited to share it all with you, below. Happy reading, happy shopping, happy hot-dog eating, happy relaxation, and happy Memorial Day. I hope you have a great one!

And tell me: What are you guys up to this three-day weekend? I'd love to hear!

• I've had my eye on this DVF dress for, literally, months. It used to be $500 (!), but I've been watching and waiting. Well, it dropped to $249, and then I saw today that you can now get an additional 30% off with the code SUMMER30 until May 30. So, last night I finally pulled the trigger and got my beloved $500 dress...for $174. #meanttobe

• I just finished the book Wonder, which I really liked. It's YA, so it's a quick, easy read, but it's a really sweet book about a boy with a disfigured face trying to make it through junior high. And I just started Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life. I'm not super into surfing, but since this book won the Pulitzer Prize this year, I was intrigued. I only just started it a few days ago, but so far I love the writing and I'm really excited to dive into it more this weekend.

• I really, really want this pretty, feminine dress. It's $128, AND you can take an additional 40% off with code BRTAKE40. So, I mean, no brainer, right? I'm looking forward to wearing it to events and work stuff. (And for anyone going to a day wedding this summer, this would be really, really pretty--and affordable--for that!) Full disclosure: The 40% off thing convinced me to buy this dress, too.

• I'm dying for this under-$100 chambray dress. Seems like the kind of thing I would just live in this summer. (My credit card needs to cool off a little bit first, though...!)

• I discovered the Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio a few weeks back, and it is AWESOME. I'm going to do a separate post on it soon, but let's just say: It contains three wildly-flattering creams: a bronzer (really sheer and natural), a blush (a gorgeous pinky-peach), and a golden highlighter that is flat out THE VERY BEST HIGHLIGHTER I HAVE EVER USED. It makes you look candlelit and glowy in seconds, it's basically instant-summer-skin in a palette, and you will love it. 

• I know, I know--they're sort of weird, but if loving these shoes is wrong, I don't want to be right.

• I know what I'll be wearing next Monday night.

• My latest for Refinery 29: 10 Things To Watch Out For At The Nail Salon

• My friend Michelle did this amazing post on the "yellowface" practice of having white actresses (Scarlett Johansson? Katherine Hepburn? WTF!) portray Asian women in movies. The older photos are especially crazy, you guys. But the scariest part is that this is still happening as recently as last year (because, yeah, Emma Stone ≠ Asian). Ugh.

• Over on my Facebook page, we all had a good laugh about this clueless, ultra-privileged woman's lament about how it's so hard to be a mom. (If you guys haven't seen it, it's a must-(hate)-read!

• Obsessed with this kitchen reveal.

• The best Rachel Green fashion moments from Friends.

• Part scary, part poignant, all interesting--what it's like to be 13, right now.

• Most parents don't do enough to step in when their kids aren't inclusive of other kids. This article is a good reminder of why it's important.

• This story of an adoptive daughter discovering her birth family is INSANE.

• Whoa! Remind me never to have an affair with Kelly Osbourne's dad. (Actually, just FYI: I really, really don't need that reminder...!)

• This optical illusion "hug" photo will hurt your brain.

• And two for the bloggers (and brands) in the house: The power of the mid-tier blogger and Why celebrities are better at Instagram than brands.

And, in case you missed it, I...

• Shared my new summer dress, which I'm totally obsessed with right now.

• Gave my tried-and-true tips for getting smooth, shiny, straight hair.

• Paired the very-best boyfriend jeans with the very-best sweater.


Jill Robbins said...

I have the pintuck BR dress open in my browser and trying to talk myself out of it. Just exactly my style and I LOVE Banana Republic!

Tracy Say's said...

The story about the adoptive daughter was so inspirational.

Spent the weekend with friends eating food and down the shore.

JLynnCorter said...

Love those Rachel fashion moments! They're the best!

Theresa said...

I really like your article on what it's like to be 13 right now. I want to say parents can still create what is normal for their teens, but I imagine peer pressure really helps make it a certain way too.

TheDaddyBlitz said...

Great list!

essay writing service australia said...

You had me at the friends reference!! And you're just like me, so obsessed with fashion and very patiently waiting for the sales and discounts haha! I actually enjoyed reading this blog!

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