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Friday, February 24, 2017

Our (Kid-Free!) Vacation In St. Lucia

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my husband and I recently took a vacation to St. Lucia. It was a short one, just Thursday to Sunday. But it was without kids. So, you know, it was actually a vacation! (Unlike this one.)

My parents came to stay with the kids, and the night before we left, I gave them rapid fire instructions about how to take care of them in our absence. That's the moment when you forget that your parents raised three kids and probably don't need the level of detail you're providing ("Make sure they pee before they go to bed!"). It's also when you realize just how nuts your kids are. There were instructions like: "So, for breakfast, they can have mini bagels with butter, but make sure you can see the globs of butter!! Even if it has a ton of butter, if it all melts, they won't believe you that's it's there." Or "Nate is going to ask for a 'Spider-Man Story' before he goes to bed. This can be a story about anything though--it doesn't have to be superhero-related. But one of the characters in the story must be named Spider-Man." 

And the next morning we were off! St. Lucia is about a three hour flight and you can fly direct, which is key with a short vacation. We stayed at Ladera, which is an incredible resort where all the rooms have only three walls! One side is completely open to face the ocean, the lush valley, and the dramatic piton mountains before it. It's fancy rustic and kind of feels vaguely like camping (well, at least the only kind of camping I would ever do). 

And once we were there, what did we as two parents all alone without kids or a care in the world do? Yep, you guessed it. NOTHING. Seriously. We laid around the room all day the first two days. Swam in the pool, read, napped. And it was glorious! The third and final day we finally ventured down to see the ocean. We went to Sugar Beach, an adorable little spot nestled between two pitons. It feels hidden and secret and it's just beautiful.

But enough about the beaches and the pool. I need to tell you about the food. Specifically, THE BREAD OIL. Since Ladera is very small, there is only one restaurant on the property, and since we were too lazy to venture off the resort, that's where we ate every meal. This wasn't a problem, because 1) They change the menus every day, so we didn't get bored. And 2) All meals included this unbelievably delicious condiment they call "bread oil." And it's life-changing. 

I asked what was in it and they said "olive oil and spices," which is a nice way of saying "We're not giving you our secret recipe, lady." But it was seriously crack. (If crack tastes like a heavenly smooth-salsa/balsamic-vinegar-ish concoction. Does it? I wouldn't know.) I dipped bread in it like crazy and even put it on my scrambled eggs in the morning. (So. Good.) They won't divulge the recipe, but they will sell you a huge, fresh-scooped jar of it if you ask at the gift shop. Problem is, we didn't check luggage since it was such a short trip, so I couldn't bring the bread oil back. And the regret I have been feeling ever since is real, you guys. If anyone goes to Ladera, I will pay you to smuggle me back some bread oil. AND I AM NOT KIDDING. (And if you know anyone at Ladera and can get me the recipe, I will give you the biggest bag of beauty products you've ever seen!)

Then, Sunday evening, after three days in paradise, we came back. My kids were still awake when we got home, so we were able to see them before they went to sleep. And they had had a great time, too! (Perhaps too great of a time. My parents baked cookies with them, took them on adventures, and did lots of craft projects, so now they are expecting more of that from us!) We wrestled them into pajamas, argued over teeth brushing, and then I told an epic Spider-Man story. The vacation was officially over.

Our next trip is next month and we're bringing the kids. We're heading to Disney World for a week. That should be just as relaxing, right? (Eek.)

So, tell me: What was the best long-weekend vacation you guys have gone on? I need ideas for our next adults-only trip! (Which will probably be in like five years, but still.)

(Oh! This post and my vacation were in no way sponsored. I mean, I  WISH! But alas...)


MrsPollo said...

Thanks Alyssa... I just spent an hour(!) traversing St. Lucia and Ladera online. What an awesome island and a great get-away for you and hubby! This resort looks especially romantic and kid-free, perhaps the reason you stayed there?! Wondering if you went to any other properties or noticed kids, not sure this would be a good destination with a tween in-tow? BTW, just realized I don't follow on IG, can you give me your contact please? Thanks for sharing this little slice of heaven, hope coming back to reality hasn't hit you too hard! ~Janet

LaQuetha said...

Austin,TX is beautiful. Lots of great food. Hotel San Jose, Hotel Ella. Great place. Boston was so much fun and beautiful. I traveled to Maine, Cape Cod is just gorgeous.

Unknown said...

The Ladera Resort looks like the perfect place to get away and now I need to try their bread oil. Putting it on my travel bucket list.

TheJerseyMomma said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even look at these pics without gasping. I have never been on a long weekend away without kids. We did escape one night to Atlantic City, but that's it! Wowee!! Totally amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

Theresa said...

This looks like such an incredible vacation! Great idea to do it without the kids. The most we've done is go to NYC for 12 hours, but it was nothing like this!

Krystal said...
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Krystal said...

This place looks so incredibly relaxing! I am so ready to take a trip like this! And without kids...perfect!

JLynnCorter said...

Wow, it looks beautiful there!

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