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Friday, April 21, 2017

15 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

rainbow flowers
I'm obsessed with this photo by @thebelleabroad. It looks like a rainbow unicorn secret garden, but it's actually the entrance to a resturant in London! Instagram #goals.

I've been totally MIA lately and I really apologize! Been crazy busy with writing, work events, planning parties, and who knows what else. I'll have a lot of fresh content for you soon, but wanted to pop in now to share a few fun links. And it's quite a mix today! We've got cool clothes (most on sale!), must-have beauty products....annnnd the heart-wrenching story of parents emotionally abusing their kids on YouTube. (Eek.) So, yes, let's just say, today is a bit of a grab bag.

In real life, this weekend, we're laying pretty low. We have a few birthday parties and school-related events, and I've got to catch up on some work. Hoping for some good weather--but the forecast doesn't look super promising. (Spring, where are you??) Well, whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make it a great one. In the meantime, here's a few great reads, clicks, and deals. Enjoy!

• One of my favorite things to wear in the spring is a breezy top and jeans. Soo...I just bought a couple of spring-y tops online at Ann Taylor, and was surprised how flattering and cute they're in person. Now they are having a 40% off sale (use code WARMUP), so I'd recommend checking them out, stat! I already own this lace-sleeved top, this blue tank, this blue ruffle shell (one my my faves--I want it in the other color now!), and this white knotted top (FYI, this one runs big. I'd recommend sizing down). And now I have my eye on this muted lavender-gray top, this pleated-shoulder blouse, and this patterned, long-sleeve top.

• Such a good deal: These adorable eyelet dresses are under $100 even before the sale. But now you can get an extra 25% off with code HOPTOIT.

• Current beauty obsession: This SPF primer from Coola. It feels weightless, really helps makeup last longer, and has SPF 30!

• I love Birks in the summer, and this studded version is like their badass, even-cooler sister. Need! 

• This white-lace dress is pricey, yes, but it's nothing short of stunning.

• How sweet and summery is this strawberry cosmetic bag?

• I've been testing this It Cosmetics concealer for the past few months, and it's definitely awesome. It's super thick, so your dark circles stand no chance. I love it!

• Have you ever tried Eggs Goldenrod? I haven't, but they sound incredible. Want to make asap!

• Easter for grownups: chocolate bunny shots.

• Dreamy braids!

• I love this story by friend Alison Brod: How I Used a FitBit to Bond With My Son. (Totally want to steal this idea and use it with my iPad-obsessed daughter!)

• Made me laugh: Ulta Releases Line of Shitty Hair Ties To Give Cheap-Ass Friends

• An 8-year-old boy and his little sister really want McDonalds, so he takes his parents' car and drives there. Best part: says he learns how to drive by watching YouTube.

• Larry David's daughter has a new online series and it's totally "Curb Your Enthusiasm" for the millennial set. And it's funny!

• Have you guys heard of the YouTube family that is basically emotionally abusing their kids (but calling them "pranks") on camera for clicks and likes? This video is hard to watch, but I'm so glad this guy exposed them. It's important to know what's out there--and I'm hoping that YouTube pulls their channel and these people are investigated. I'm actually thinking of doing a longer post to further discuss this. (Are you guys interested?) But oh my gosh: Poor, poor Cody. :(


Bree Talks said...

Ugh. Well I have heard of the You Tube family now and it was very rough to watch. I would be interested to hear more of what you have to say about it in another post. Love the eyelit shirt dress from J. Crew!

Melanie said...

Ugh. Yes I've been following along on the YouTube abuse sad and scary. I'm a licensed mental health professional and can absolutely tell you the path that those kids will take (especially Cody) unless this abuse stops NOW. It's unacceptable and absolutely should be investigated by CPS/DCFS.

Theresa said...

These are all such interesting picks! The studded sandals looked really cool, and I enjoyed discovering how to make Eggs Goldenrod.

Unknown said...

UGH I won't watch that family on YouTube. There is also a blogger who dresses her kids up and prances them around Disneyland every day that scares me. I do however want to look at that restaurant entrance forever. Its beautiful!

Unknown said...

I also refuse to watch the YouTube family. I don't want to give them my time plus I know I would just feel horrible for the kids. I do love that white dress, even though it is totally out of my budget!!

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I'll have a ton of new substance for you soon however needed to fly in now to share a couple of fun connections. What's more, it's a serious blend today!

Shop Tires USA said...

All things considered, this end of the week, we're laying pretty low. We host a couple of birthday gatherings and school-related functions, and I must get up to speed with some work.

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