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Thursday, May 4, 2017

On Turning Four

Braving the rope bridge just this morning

Four years ago
My little boy--my youngest--is four today. Four! It's hard to believe it's been four whole years since, as he put it this morning, "the stork snuck me into your tummy." 

And what an eventful four years it has been! Happy birthday to Nate, a little boy who...

...has taught me that boys and girls are, in fact, very, very different. Oh my god. Boys are a freaking handful, you guys. Whoever said that girls are easier when they're younger (but harder when they're older) and boys were the opposite, was SPEAKING THE TRUTH. 

...has zero sweet tooth. None! Case in point: This week I asked what birthday treat he wanted me to bring in for his class celebration, and he said, "Grapes." so amazingly curious! He asks question after question when we're reading books. He finds every cool-to-him stick or rock at the park (then stuffs it into his overflowing jacket pockets). And he wants to know how everything works, like just this week when he was examining the inner workings of a flashlight. Of course he did it while sitting on the toilet. As he was pooping. And then accidentally dropped all of the pieces into the toilet. Yes, I'm sure one day I'll find the story of me reaching my Ziploc-Bag-gloved hand into that poop-filled toilet to retrieve the three AAA batteries to be funny, but well, we're not there quite yet.

...despite being active and loving to climb, has never once climbed out of his crib. That means, at four years old, he blessedly, still sleeps in that crib. I know it's bad and that we need to transition him, but it's hard because it's also just so, so good. Don't worry, honey: I'll move you to a big-boy bed before college. (Probably.) just the sweetest thing ever. We all know most guys reach a point where they have a hard time saying, 'I love you,' but this little boy is in no way there yet. Nearly every day, and for no reason at all, he'll turn to me randomly and say "I love you, mommy." Never fails to melt my heart. (Then I say, "I love you more," and he replies, "No, I love YOU more," and we go on and on like that. Yes, we are that couple.)

So, for those reasons--and a million more--happy birthday, Little Naters. I love you. More.

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Unknown said...

Made me teary. He is indeed SO sweet. Love our grandson so.

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