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Friday, November 3, 2017

14 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

halloween zombie snow white costume

Did you guys have a good Halloween? We went trick-or-treating with my Zombie Snow White and my "Zombie Prince From Snow White" for about 45 minutes (during which they still managed to scoop up over 100 pieces of candy each...!), and then spent the rest of the evening at a friend's house. (And I did the zombie makeup! My daughter's is a combination of gray eyeshadow from a Cover Girl smoky eye palette, fake Mehron blood, and temporary wound tattoos. My son freaked out when he saw my daughter's makeup, but I did talk him in to a cartoonish zombie and ghost drawn on his cheeks with eyeliner.)

This weekend, my parents are in town, and I also have a ton of work to do to prep for a very important houseguest we have coming next week. (More on that later!)

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make it a great one. Here's a few fun links to check out when you have a moment.

• Although it is 74 degrees today (thanks, global warming), you're going to need a coat sooner or later. That means, now is the perfect moment to scoop one up. Just in time, J.Crew is having a BIG sale on coats right now (they're already marked down 25% and then you get an additional 15% off with code MOREISMORE). I love J.Crew coats and have worn them pretty much exclusively for the past few years. I currently own two: 1) This black puffer coat, which is really warm and pretty much as flattering as a puffer coat can be. (I love it!), and 2) This chateau parka, which I tend to wear on cold-but-not-deathly-frigid days. (Though it is still really, really warm.) I have a tan version, but I love the gray, the burgundy, the pink, the green, and the black--all of them, really. 

• AG makes my favorite jeans, but they're on the expensive side and I rarely see them marked down. So I'm super excited because this pair is on major sale right now. Run!

• Speaking of major sale, these faux-leather leggings are marked down to $18 right now. That's right: EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. 

• Who doesn't love a good face mask? And who doesn't love a good face-mask selfie? This one is perfect for that: For a limited time, Boscia's detoxifying, brightening charcoal mask comes in a hot pink version. So fun!

• Obsessed with these camo leggings. And they're on sale, too!

• Every holiday season, SK-II comes out with a limited-edition bottle for its cult-favorite, skin-transforming Essence. I just got a peek at the 2017 limited-edition design and it's SO cool. Love the inspiring mantras and the awesome graffiti writing!

• I visited the Winchester Mystery House with my family as a child, and have been obsessed ever since. (You must go next time you're in the San Franciso area!) Now, it's going to be a movie, and I am SO excited.

• What a simple--and adorable!--idea to make a simple scoop of ice cream even more fun for kids. (You can get those edible googly eyes right here, BTW.)

• I shared my favorite new beauty products launching this month on Total Beauty.

• These gender-reveal fails cracked me up!

• This Halloween makeup is insaaaaaane!

• I so want to try these 15 kid-friendly recipes that use Trader Joe's riced cauliflower. (I want to try them for my kids and me!) 

• If you live in New York City, you may have heard the recent story of a dog named Cash who broke free from his leash in Brooklyn, ran across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then took a solo tour of Manhattan for the next seven hours. It was actually a work friend's dog (!)--so I was glued to my Facebook that day for hours looking for updates--and it's the craziest story. (With a happy ending!) A must-read!

• All the new mattress-in-a-box companies that have sprung up recently (Casper, etc) have increased competition, and apparently, they've started mattress wars with lawsuits and more. This story was fascinating!



Lauryn said...

This mystery house sounds like a must have on my to do list!

Cammeo said...

Your kids' costumes crack me up! What is it with zombies lately?? My son was obsessed too this Halloween ha. Nice roundup too!

Unknown said...

Your kids' costumes look great! I'm totally excited to try SKII products, just need to use up a bunch of what I have first.

Kiana Probst said...

Love their costumes!

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