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Monday, January 8, 2018

5 Beauty-Editor-Approved Winter Skincare Tips

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alyssa hertzig
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As in much of the country, it's been about a billion degrees below zero here lately--so not just cold, but cold. Think bone-chilling, lip-chapping, skin-drying, California-is-looking-really-amazing-right-now cold. That means it's a good time to stay cooped up inside with a cup of coffee--and the perfect time to talk about upping your winter skin-care game. So, I've partnered with Dove to do just that. Read on for five things I do to keep my skin soft, hydrated, and protected throughout the season. It's stuff I've gathered from trial and error, and from years and years of interviewing dermatologists for my job. All are effective, and most importantly, super easy.

1. Go for creamy products. Gels, sprays, and really any ultra-light moisturizers, lotions, or body washes are great for the summer, but they're often not hydrating enough for wintertime. (Just ask my forever flake-prone legs!) This time of year, I shelve the whisper-light stuff, and switch them out for creamy body washes and rich creams, balms, and butters.

2. Bump up your P.M. routine. As many experts have told me over the years, bedtime is the absolute best time to hydrate your skin. And if you're also worried about anti-aging (*raises hand*), nighttime also happens to be the optimal time to tackle that stuff, too. Dermatologist Alicia Barba recommends three steps: washing your face, applying a retinol, and moisturizing. This is my own nightly routine, and I swear by it. I'll admit that it took me years to start wearing night cream, but now that I've started, it has made such a difference for me, especially during the colder months. When I wake up, my skin is so much softer. (And on the nights I skip it, I can totally tell in the morning!)

3. Sunscreen it up. I cringe when I hear people say they don't need sunscreen in the winter. People! Sunscreen is a year-round non-negotiable. (As Dr. Barba told me: "Harmful UV rays don't take a break for cold weather.") Now, do you need to lube up your arms and legs when you're bundled tight in sweaters and jeans all day? No, of course not. But you absolutely must wear an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen on your face, every day, no excuses.

4. Don't forget your underarms. They need TLC, too--especially now. "Textures and fabrics in sweaters, undergarments, and t-shirts can irritate sensitive underarm skin," says Dr. Barba. Underneath all those layers, you'll need a product that keeps you hydrated and protected." Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is formulated with moisturizers to relieve irritation and keep underarms soft, while also providing 48-hour protection against odor and wetness. I've used it for years, and have always loved how incredibly gentle it is on my sensitive skin. (Plus, sidenote: The scents are so good!)

5. Hydrate all over. Confession: I'm super guilty of skipping this one, but I'm really trying to get better about it this year. I'm excellent about moisturizing my face every day, but less so about my legs and arms. It's just so hard when they're hidden for so many hours of the day, right? But then I'll inevitably catch a glimpse of my neglected legs and think "Yikes!" To avoid that moment, let's all promise to moisturize all over (legs, arms, hands, chest, all of it), okay? Bonus points if you do it right when you get out of the shower, when you're still a little damp, so your cream traps all that good moisture in your skin.

If you guys have any more winter skin-care tips, I would love to hear them! And to get more info on Dove Advanced Care, click here.


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Ghastly Girl said...

I never remember to keep my skin hydrated in winter and I always pay for it lol. These are all great tips!

Unknown said...

I’m horrible at remembering to keep my skin hydrated. I mean I’m at the zoo and look down to ashy legs, oops.

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