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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

16 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

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This post was supposed to go up Friday, but then we went out of town for the weekend...and I forgot my computer. It was devastating! (Or, okay, maybe not devastating, but definitely very annoying.) Because of the lack of a computer, I did get more reading done, though, which was a plus! (I'm reading The Power, which is awwwwwesome.) So here we are today, and instead of reading these links over your lazy weekend, you can do so while you procrastinate on your first morning back after the long weekend. Sound good?

Quick recap: Last week was my birthday! It was pretty low key (which was fine by me), and was also marred by the horrendous tragedy that day in Parkland, Florida. (I caught the news of the shooting just as we were stepping into an Uber to go out for my birthday dinner.) As a mother--and, well, a human being--I just can't fathom how we've done nothing to make it even remotely harder for shooters to shoot people. I'm hoping this is the time. The Parkland kids are amazing, and seem to be making a big difference. That said, the only real hope for movement on this issue comes with the November elections. If the gun control issue (or any other issue) matters to you at all, you must vote. Register to vote now if you haven't, and then vote in November. It's the single biggest way you can help stop this madness.

Now, switching gears big time...! In the meantime, here's a few fun things to check out. Enjoy!

• Speaking of reading more, I'm making good on that 2018 goal! (And it wasn't just this past weekend.) So far this year I've read The Woman In The Window (a very good, suspenseful, fast read--I couldn't put it down!), The Bright Hour (beautifully written, also a fast read, and sad. If you liked When Breath Becomes Air, you'll absolutely love this),  Two Girls Down (I liked it though not as much as the others. It's very detective-y, Law & Order-ish, and is another fast read), and This Is How It Always Is (loved it--gives a new perspective and insight into a big issue I actually knew very little about).

Also: I just read a review of Red Clocks, and--ohemgee!--this book sounds amazing! It seems to be The Handmaid's Tale meets...conservative policies run amok. Just moved to the top of my reading list!

• Beauty product news: So, I have to tell you about Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, which is insanely awesome. It looks like a clear gel (it's pretty much the exact look and texture of a makeup primer), and it completely--I mean, completely--disappears when you rub it in. And I don't mean that it becomes "lightweight" or "barely there" (terms we, admittedly, overuse in beauty writing). No, I mean that it looks and feels like nothing. NOTHING! It's completely invisible in both look and feel, and you are going to LOVE it.

• Come the warm weather, I pretty much want to live in this easy little day dress.

• I'm like a vampire when it comes to the sun, meaning I'm often in a rash guard, hiding under an umbrella, or both (#beautyeditorproblems). That's why this flouncy, long-sleeved J.Crew one-piece is calling my name. It's so different (I mean, have you ever seen a bathing suit like it??), but I'm so into it.

• Speaking of cute suits, I'm going on a beach vacation in just a few weeks (ahhh!), so I'm definitely in the market for a couple of new ones, and Bare Necessities has a bunch of good stuff right now. (Side note: I love that much of what they carry comes in bra sizes!) Really into this burgundy one-piece, this navy, polka-dot Miraclesuit (they really suck you in!), and (if Whole 30 works its magic...!) this sexy, bandage-style bikini.

• Do you, too, own an industrial-sized jug of Elmer's glue and way too much contact-lens solution? Is your Tupperware constantly being stolen? If so, you may have a kid obsessed with making slime like I do. That's why I related to this (hilarious) "Slime After Slime" video on a very deep level.

• Target now has a subscription box for baby clothes! Damn. I would have loved this. So cute!

• Rach Martino is one of my favorite Instagram follows. I loved following along on her photogenic, doing-it-all-for-the-'gram trip to Finland, so I also really loved this recap of her trip. (That igloo hotel though!)

• Ali's recipe for spiralized Mexican Shakshuka looks so yummy. And it's Whole 30 compliant! Making it asap.

• I made these (Whole 30 compliant, but not "diet" at all) garlicky smashed potatoes last night and they were SO good. (And easy!)

• This made me tear up.

• And this did, too.

And in case you missed it, I...

• Wore this pretty dress (which happens to be on sale!) to meet Christie Brinkley.

• Did a "mini" photo shoot--and walked away with these adorable pictures!

• Got thicker hair...from a shampoo.

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