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Friday, April 6, 2018

20 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today


Things have been crazy since we've been back from Hawaii! I've been slammed with all the work I didn't do while on vacation, and the biggest news...we got cats! Yep, we adopted two eight-week-old kittens from Beth Stern. I'll be doing a larger post on them (and on the whole process of adopting one of Beth's coveted Instagram cats) soon, but in the meantime, just know that Bobby and Lulu are pretty much the cutest things I have ever seen. 

And for proof of that, you can follow them on Instagram at @bobbyandlulu. If you've been watching my Instagram Stories, you know that I am actually incredibly jealous of their account. (And I wish I was kidding about that!) They have unbelievable engagement from their followers, and usually get 2,000 likes for their photos! I would say that I need to know their secrets, but I'm pretty sure it involves a furry coat and looking tiny and adorable. ;)

This weekend, we are going to be laying low. Next week is going to be even busier, so I'm hoping to squeeze in some relaxing time while I can. 

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make it a great one. Here's a few fun links to check out in the meantime.

• Love the exposed buttons on these high-waisted denim shorts! (FYI, you can get 20 percent off these or anything else at Madewell with code FOLLOWURCART)

Such an easy, breezy, pretty summer dress. (Love those pom poms!)

Since I'm into poms poms right now, I'm also really loving this cute straw pom pom fedora. It's also 40 percent off with code HAPPY, so it's actually under $20 at the moment!

• Beauty product I'm loving right now: Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. My skin has seemed extra blotchy lately, so I was looking for a good vitamin C serum, which is the best OTC thing for brightening--and for preventing new spots. I love that this one has a creamy texture, which makes it really easy to spread. It also smells fresh and lovely (very unusual for vitamin C products!) and really does seemed to have already brightened my skin noticeably in just a few weeks. 

• Speaking of vitamin C, I really liked this PureWow guide about why it's important--and how to find the best vitamin C product for you.

• How pretty would this dress be for a spring wedding?

• This roundup of beauty products that seem like scams was kind of great. (And I totally agree about lip scrubs. An old toothbrush is far superior--and less messy.)

• I wrote about great beauty products that contain jasmine for Refinery 29!

• Busy Phillips is my absolute favorite person to follow on Instagram Stories. She's so funny and so relatable. So I loved this behind-the-(Story)-scenes profile of Busy.

• There is pretty much nothing more important this year than the midterm elections in November. That's why I love this t-shirt from Rebecca Minkoff and Cosmo. It encourages women to vote twice (once in the primaries and then again in November) and even includes the primary dates on the back. But best of all, all proceeds go to Ignite, an organization that gets young women involved in the political process. (And that's something I think we can all agree is a good thing, right?)

• Keto, Paleo, low carb, low fat--there are zillions of diets out there these days but the basic facts about healthy eating remain. This fun Q&A cuts through all the B.S. out there in the food/diet world and tells you what you really need to focus on. Such a good read!

• Speaking of healthy, this vegan truffle potato bisque from my friend Hitha is so. damn. good. (And it does not taste vegan!)

• Flat shoes are officially back. Thank GOD.

• The New Yorker wrote this really snarky review picking on Girl Boss magazine, but you know what? I think it sounds pretty awesome. I love that there's actually a magazine for tween girls that focuses on business tips rather than boys and beauty. I would have loved it as a kid--and I totally want to get  copy for my daughter.

• Things to make you happy.

And in case you missed it, I...

• Went a little crazy in a big box store.

• Packed for a beach vacation.

• Had a sick kid...on a plane!

• Watched my other kid turn 8 years old.

• Fell in love with some beauty products.

Have a great weekend!



Marjie Mare said...

I can't get enough of the picture. The cats are so cute, I feel like printing the picture and putting it in my office.

Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! We have never been able to have cats due to family allergies. Blush pink is all the rage... love those pretty dresses!

Leah said...

Happy birthday hope you have a wonderful day! Those dresses sound beautiful!

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