the sparkly life: Why Don't Grown Men Know How To Buy Soap?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Why Don't Grown Men Know How To Buy Soap?

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If you have a boyfriend or a husband, you've probably observed that most grown men don't seem to know how to buy some of life's basic essentials such as underwear, socks, and standard grooming products (think soap, deodorant, etc). And I have a theory as to why. See, they use these things, of course, but they rarely actually purchase them themselves because they're just not used to doing so. Think about it: For the first quarter of their lives, it's their mom who stocks them up. And at some point, a few years later, that job tends to fall to their wife. (And if you've ever dated a twenty-something guy, you know that, for those years in between when they're left to fend for themselves, many of them basically make do with ratty underwear, hole-y socks, and whatever random soap or body wash already happens to be in the shower!) 

My husband is in that third stage of The Male Purchasing Life Cycle, which means the buying of guy products often falls to me. That's why I love places like BJ's Wholesale Club where I can stock up on all the essentials and not worry about him running out. BJ's has all the big brands (Gillette, Old Spice, Axe, Degree, etc, plus their exclusive label, Berkley Jensen), and the best part is that I can get everything in bulk, so my husband can be set for months and I can avoid any last-minute, late-night restocking trips. 

This trip I brought my kids along and they had a blast helping me find the products for Daddy, riding in the cart, and begging for giant boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups and Kit Kats. (I relented on the Fruit Roll-Ups; drew the line at the lifetime supply of Kit Kats.) We walked out with three mega cans of Edge shaving cream, a four-pack of Degree deodorant, Gillette razor refills, and enough Dove bar soap to last him (or a small army) a very, very long time--all at an incredible value.

So now his medicine cabinet is officially stocked, and he's got a few less things to worry about for the next few months, which means I've got a few less things to worry about, too. (God help me when my son starts using this stuff and I have to buy for him, too, though...!)

Thank you to BJ's for partnering with me on this post. Are you a BJ's member? If not, here's a cool deal: You can get a $25 gift card just for signing up! Click here for details.


Ashley Stephenson said...

Yesss this is so true! My husband is always having me go buy them and I am know you were just at the store and he says I didn't know which one!

Layan Bee said...

omg this couldn't be more true, it's like how do they not know how to buy basic needs!? it baffles me. I probably would have went home with the lifetime supply of kit kats, i have a bit of a kit kat obsession haha

Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise said...

Hah, this is a very accurate hypothesis, I think! Luckily, my boyfriend is very tidy and usually takes care of all this for himself!

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