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Monday, November 26, 2018

Gift Guide: Alyssa's Favorite Things

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Oprah's "Favorite Things" show was always one of my favorite episodes of television. And the "Favorite Things" issue of O magazine is one of the only magazines I actually still buy. Well, I also have a few favorite things of my own, and while I'm not saying I'm Oprah (!), I would like to share them with you! Here, a few of my absolute favorite finds (I personally own, use, and love all of them). Send this link to your significant other or generous parent, or buy some of these things for your BFF, mom, or maybe even, yourself.

Michele's Granola: I love granola, but I can't stand storebought granola. It's either too sugary or just ehh--never as good as homemade or as what you find at a restaurant. But since I don't have the time or patience to regularly make the homemade stuff, I was thrilled a few years back when I found Michele's Granola, which, I swear, is just as good as homemade. Not too sweet, and so, so yummy and fresh. I order it in three-packs on Amazon and it disappears in a flash. (Note: All of the flavors are really good--and actually not wildly different from each other--but my absolute favorites are Cinnamon Raisin and Original.)

Jennie Kwon Designs opal ring: Jennie Kwon's rings are so gorgeous! They're delicate, and justso interesting and special. My daughter picked out an opal ring (verrrry similar to the one shown above) for my husband to buy me for Mother's Day a few years and I wear it all the time. These rings aren't cheap, but they're very classic and well-made. You'll have it--and love it--forever!

Chloe Mini Marcie Crossbody bag: I was given the tan version of this a few years back, and ever since, it has become my everyday purse, even though I used to be a "big bag" kind of girl. It's tiny so it's great for days when you don't want to be laid down (shopping in the city, an amusement park, a concert, etc), but it's still deceptively roomy and holds way more than you'd think. Mine is almost always stuffed with a small wallet, a phone charger, an external battery, three lipsticks, my phone, my keys, and a few other little odds and ends. I get so much use out of it that I really want another one now. Maybe Santa will bring me this gorgeous gray version?

This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Philipps: I've mentioned this book before, but I absolutely love it. I'm a huge fan of Busy's InstaStories and this was basically like a bunch of long Stories strung together (but not in a "random" way!). Very funny, very moving, and lots of juicy, insider-y Hollywood info. Also, for the first time ever (!), I actually did the audiobook version of this, which I highly recommend.

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee, Cappucino, and Latte Maker: This has to be my #1 favorite thing that I bought in all of 2018. I had a one-to-two-Starbucks-lattes-a-day habit, and now I'm down to one or two a week. They've been replaced thanks to this machine, which makes lattes that I truly think taste exactly like my beloved Starbucks. And it's simpleto use! It takes three minutes to froth the milk/brew the K-cup, and you end up with the creamiest, foamiest, most amazing latte or cappucino (hot or iced) you've ever had. I'm obsessed. (P.S.: The best K-Cups I've found for making lattes are these from Target.)

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote: I was given this a few years back and it's become my absolute favorite bag to travel with. I love it as an airplane carry-on, because it holds a ton and the bag itself is extremely lightweight. I've also used mine as an overnight bag and even a gym bag. It comes in about a jillion colors, and I actually own three of them now: this blue/black camo, a black, and a gray. Bonus: Today only you can get a free surprise gift with the purchase of any bag. Use code CYBERMONDAY.

Clark's Botanicals Retinol Rescue Eye Serum: I love this eye cream. It's the only one I've ever used that led to a noticeable softening of the lines around my eyes (and pretty quickly, too!). It has this cool cold-to-the-touch applicator that helps, I think. And the formula itself acts almost like a primer to smooth out your lines. It's great under makeup. And though I can sometimes be sensitive to retinol (especially around my eyes), I've never had any issues with this one.

Nike Lunarepic Flyknit Sneaker: I've had these sneakers for a year or two now, and I wear them constantly. They are beyond comfortablee; when you wear them, you feel like you're walking on clouds! I think this exact style may be discontinued (wahh!), but I found a treasure trove of them on Amazon. I think I want another pair of the black in case my current ones ever give out. And I'm loving that gray/rainbow one, too.

Athleta Luxe Victory Hoodie: Two years ago, I received an Athleta Luxe hoodie as a gift, and it's pretty much allll I want to wear in the winter. It's lined in faux fur, so it's super cozy--nothing's better for the long walk to the gym or to school pick up. And it's cute! Regular sweatshirts just don't cut it after you've tried this one. Bonus: You can get 20% off today only with code BOOST.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan: I got this for Christmas last year and I have been obsessssed ever since. It's like wearing your softest, comfiest robe all day long, only it has a nice shape to it too, so it's actually cute and not at all schlubby. I wear it with jeans and a tank or tee during the day, and sometimes I even just wear it around the house as a cozy layer. Now I want another one! I already own it in a light gray; I'd love this deeper gray or maybe a black next. 

J.Crew Mockneck sweater: I bought two of these (baby blue and light gray) a few weeks back when J.Crew had a sale, and I've barely taken them off since. They are so soft, so warm, and so cozy. Love! Bonus: You can get 50% off (!) today only with code CYBER.

Stojo Biggie Collapsible Cup: Although I try to make most of my lattes at home now, when I do buy one when I'm out, I have it poured into this genius cup. A few months back, I was stressing at how many disposable cups I was going through each week, so I was searching for a solution. I just didn't love the idea of toting around a giant cup with me all the time. Enter this genius little cup. It's collapsible!! The entire thing folds into itself so that it's a little disc (about four inches across and one inch deep). When you get to the register, you just unfold it and hand it to the barista (who will inevitably coo about how awesome and adorable it is). It holds a grande size drink and can handle hot or cold drinks (it even comes with its own reusable straw). I have the blush pink and white, but there are tons of good colors. (The solid black one is so chic!) 

Happy shopping!



Masshole Mommy said...

Girl, you have GREAT taste. I want so many of the things you have here - especially that crossbody!

Candysfarmhousepantry said...

Some truly great items here. That cross body bag is a yes. I never turn down granola

Karen said...

Thank you so much for this guide! I just found gifts for three people on my list!

Terri Steffes said...

This is a great guide for women of all ages who want the latest. You have some awesome finds.

Alli Smith said...

The ring is gorgeous! I need to finish up my shopping today and you have so many great gift ideas.

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

What some absolutely fantastic ideas. I love the look of the fleece jumper, I could do with something warm and snuggly.

Jennifer EngineerMommy said...

Love that cross body bag!! I always wear a cross body bag because it's sleek and small. I can't stand huge handbags.

AiringMyLaundry said...

These are all such great gift ideas! I have been wanting to read that book. And that sweater looks cozy.

Jill said...

Great choices, my friend! I was not familiar with that Keurig and now I want one!

Ashley @Irishred02 said...

I want the Keurig K Cafe! It's on my wishlist.

Farrah Less said...

We both have the same taste when it comes to clothing. Some of the items on your list can be a great gifts for any of my family member.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

I like the cardigan. I will have to look into ordering one of those. It looks comfortable!

Marysa said...

That granola sounds great - I will have to check that out, I love granola too. I haven't read Busy Phillips' book but I keep hearing how good it is.

Tabitha Blue said...

I always love Oprah's Favorite things and miss that about her show!! There are so many great options this year and I'm swooning over that cross body bag!

Nicole Johnson said...

You have amazing taste. I have to look into getting some of these items. Love the collapsable cup.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love that Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan, I would love that in red color. It would be nice to receive some granola.

Swathi Iyer/ Zesty South Indian Kitchen said...

That cardigan and ring is going to be in my gift list. Great selection of gift ideas for women.

bethel skywalker said...

that eye serum is definitely the apple of my eye. Your style is definitely my liking

Bohemian Babushka said...

"Keurig K-Cafe Coffee, Cappucino, and Latte Maker: This has to be my #1 favorite thing that I bought in all of 2018." Si, Por Favor and Gracias!! Going on BB's List to Santi Clo.

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