the sparkly life: How We Hacked Our Way to A Pretty Cute Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

How We Hacked Our Way to A Pretty Cute Christmas Card

I had thought I'd been super on top of it, scheduling a holiday-card photo shoot early this fall. But then it didn't go as planned. (Here's why.) Then, life got busy, and December rolled around and I realized I had no good photos to use for a card. I thought about skipping cards entirely, but then decided I'd throw my own impromptu shoot together, and hack my way to a decent Christmas card. And it worked!

I decided to nab my pictures on a weekend in early December when we went to get our Christmas tree at our local garden center. I posed my (relatively uncooperative) kids in a series of festive-ish shots including in front of wreath- and pointsettia-displays, and nestled among some cut trees so it almost looked like we were in a forest. Then, they had the idea to sit in front of a pinecone display, and take some shots!

I shot and edited all of the pics on my phone (two wreath shots and a pointsettia made the final cut), and ordered the cards online later that afternoon. And I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out! (The only thing I don't love is the fact that they're wearing their winter coats. But it was freezing that day, so what can you do?) Not bad for an hour and an iPhone, huh?

I hope you're having a great holiday, whatever you're celebrating. We're in my childhood home in Maryland for Christmas, then heading back home tomorrow, and then off to Stowe, Vermont for a few days after that. (Skiing for my husband and the kids; reading in the lodge for me.)

Merry everything to all!


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