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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Yes, I'm Still Alive (Plus 11 Cool Things To Click!)

williamsburg hotel

Hi. Yes, I'm still alive. (Did you miss me?) January has been nuts for me. Just so much going on in pretty much every area of my life, and as a result, the blog has taken the backseat, big time. I haven't even finished (ok, started) my post on the best books of 2019--arghh! (Is February too late for that? I hope not.)

This week, I spent two days on a Unilever press trip in my old stomping grounds of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (That's me ALONE in my hotel room at the Williamsburg Hotel, above.) I saw lots of cool upcoming beauty launches from brands like Dove, Tresemme, and Love Beauty Planet, caught up with old-school beauty-editor friends, and even got a glorious two hours to wander through my old neighborhood where we lived until my daughter was three. I realized how much I miss it there. It's just so, so cool.

I think this weekend is the very first weekend of 2020 that we haven't been traveling (!), so I plan to spend it doing exactly nothing. I'm going to read, and...yeah, that's pretty much it. Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make it a great one. Here's a few fun links to check out. Enjoy!

• If you're looking for something to read, here's the three (!) books I'm reading right now: The Poisonwood Bible (an older, epic read that's an all-time favorite for so many people; I finally picked up as part of my New Year, Old Books Challenge), Pretty Things (a story about two women teaming up to scam people that isn't out until April, but already has so much buzz!), and You Are Not Alone (a highly-anticipated  thriller that's one of the February Book of the Month picks that I just started on audio. I've heard amazing things!). 

• Next, I'm starting American Dirt, which--unless you're living under a rock--you likely know has become a huge source of controversy. This story about an undocumented Mexican mother and her child fleeing to the U.S. was one of the most anticipated books of the year, Oprah just picked it for her book club, and people who have read it say it's amazing and that the first 50 pages are heart-stopping and like nothing you've ever read. At the same time, it's drawn criticism from many who say it contains dangerous stereotypes, and because its author is not an "own voices" writer (i.e. she's writing about the undocumented, Mexican experience, and she is neither of those things). Many people are boycotting it, but I very much want to decide for myself, so I just bought a copy. (My new book club just picked it, too, so that's another reason I'm diving in.) Have you guys read it? Do you plan to? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

• In non-book news, I recently rediscovered Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and you guys, it's sooo good! Gives me long and super thick lashes in just a few swipes, and it never runs or flakes on me. It's not new, but it's my new favorite.

• My friend Jenn always finds the coolest stuff (and is a Today Show contributor because of that!). She recently launched a newsletter where she shares five amazing finds each week. It's fast become one of my favorite things to find in my inbox.

• If this article is any indiction, the Jessica Simpson memoir is going to be [insert fire emojis]. It comes out this week, and I've already pre-ordered my copy. (I'm going to do the audio version, because nothing is better than celeb memoirs via audio...) 

• I got these APL Techloom Chelsea sneakers in black for Christmas, and have pretty much been living in them. They're really cute and beyond comfortable. (Also, they were on Oprah's Favorite Things list, so you know, just saying: #greatminds).

• I haven't bought a cookbook in ages, but just bought this one by the Defined Dish after hearing so many of my favorite bloggers rave about it (and seeing them recreate favorite recipes from it) on Instagram. Everything sounds so yummy and healthy!

• I don't watch much TV lately (because of this), but I started watching Cheer on Netflix yesterday, and could. not. stop. It's incredible--like a real-life Friday Night Lights, but with cheerleading. So, so good. 

• And if you're already a Cheer fan but haven't seen this video of Jerry mat-talking people as they walk into work, watch it immediately.

• This little kid has an Instagram account where he reviews Shirley Temples and it's the cutest thing.

• Look, Mike Bloomberg is not going to be president. And he's nowhere near my top choice. That said, as my former mayor, I do like him a lot. But whoever you're rooting for--and even if you're not into politics (what? how?)--this ad is amazing.

Have a great weekend!



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