the sparkly life: Why We're Changing Our Spring Break Plans Because of Coronavirus

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Why We're Changing Our Spring Break Plans Because of Coronavirus

This is The Gilded Iguana, the hotel we were supposed to be at in less than two weeks. Sigh.

We are supposed to leave on vacation for spring break in a week and a half. We are supposed to go to Nosara, Costa Rica--a magical spot where we vacationed at the same time last year. We've had these plans booked for a full year (literally booked the hotel while in Costa Rica in 2019!). And we were going with another family, and were so excited about everything. If you had asked me even two days ago if we were still going, I would have said, "Yes!"

But now we're not.

For the last week or so, my husband had been leaning towards not going. He was worried about getting stuck there if things get worse, or if, say, someone on our plane gets sick. I hadn't actually been that worried, but then once he started worrying, that freaked me out. I am the anxious one who is always worried about everything, and my husband is the annoyingly unflappable one who tells me I'm being crazy. If he was scared, that was scary.

Then, I happened to have a doctor's appointment yesterday, so I brought it up there. My doctor is a straight-shooter and not an alarmist, at all. I basically just wanted him to give us the greenlight to go. 

He didn't. In fact, he told me that no one should be flying internationally or domestically right now. He said the big problem with planes is the close quarters. You are pressed up next to people (and behind people and in front of people) for hours on end. It's the perfect environment for spreading a virus. He strongly advised me against going. So, we're not.

(Incidentally, he also said no one should be in crowds or gatherings of more than 20 people right now--think church, weddings, etc. Yikes!) 

I'm definitely heartbroken that we won't be going to Nosara, but I do understand that this is what has to happen right now if we want to have any hope of keeping this virus relatively under control. I'm not worried for me; I'm not in a high-risk group, and neither is my husband or my kids. But my parents are. And countless others in my town, city, etc, are. None of us can be selfish or cavalier about this. Sure, we'll be okay in the short term, but do we really want to contribute to other peoples' deaths? Or to a burdened hospital system? Or to even more of a panic?

With Costa Rica out, we're now debating whether to go to Florida for the week. The catch is: We'd be driving. While I'm desperate for warm weather, I'm not sure if I'm up for a 20-hour drive (!) or for leaving the security of our own home when things are just about to get worse. 

So, what are your thoughts and experiences? Have you had to cancel vacation plans, too? Are your schools closed? (It's sounding like that's what's next for us. HELP.) What has coronavirus changed for you so far?


MrsPollo said...

Well, that's a bummer. Your review and pics from last year had me contemplating our family vacation to Nosara. No plans as of yet, and like you guys, we'll probably be driving somewhere in the U.S. Enjoy Florida if you end up going.
~ Janet

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you lost your vacation! It's extra hard to loose something that is almost in your grasp. That said, please don't go to Florida. Instead, find that video of Italians saying what they wish they could have told themselves a week ago: stay home. This is life and death. And even though we are dying in smaller numbers, young people are dying too. There will be time in the future to take vacations. This is the time to save lives.

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