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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beauty Secrets: Cosmo's Dawn Spinner Davis

Dawn shows off her desk at Cosmo

Meet Dawn Spinner Davis—she’s the Beauty and Fashion Editor for Cosmopolitan online, one of the founders behind the gourmet delivery service 19 Charles Street, and also, one of my really good friends. We met years ago when she was a beauty intern (and I was an editorial assistant stalking the beauty department!) at Harper’s Bazaar, and we immediately hit it off. She soon got a beauty job at Lucky, and as, well, luck would have it, soon after, so did I. Years later, I’m still in awe of the fact that Dawn has the most amazing skin and a head of hair that seems to eternally fall in these insanely great effortless-seeming waves. I used my new blog as an excuse to demand her beauty secrets. Here they are:

Favorite shampoo and conditioner? "It changes all the time. Right now I'm obsessed with Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Carol's Daughter Monoi hair mask I use a small amount, just on my ends, every time I wash my hair. Monoi might be the best scent in the world."

Styling products? "I've been using this new Ojon Ati styling cream that strengthens. A stylist recently told me she thought I was losing a lot of hair, and this is designed for aging/thinning. It's made a noticeable difference. I also really love my Moroccan Oil hair brushes, T3 hairdryer, and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for when my hair should probably be washed but I'm too lazy—this makes it smell amazing and clean."

 A stash of Cosmo issues and an invitation to a Tom Ford event share space with a sparkly headband.
Mascara? "Maybelline Falsies and CoverGirl Volume Exact. My lashes are pretty long on their own, but they're thin and scraggly. Both of these make them look exponentially thicker."

Lip Color? "I have about ten lip glosses in my bag at any time. I usually wear whichever one I pull out first. At work, I've made a serious dent in a glossy lipstick called It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush that I keep on my desk. It looks clear, but develops into a different shade on everyone—it gives me a sheer hot-pink pop of color."

Blush? "Right now I'm using a Sonia Kashuk blush in Flamingo layered over a Physicians Formula bronzer. I gravitate towards blushes that look almost too pink. They work best with my pale skin."
A basket full of products just waiting to be tested

Eye Shadow? "Nars Abyssinia. It's my standard, everyday, neutral shadow."

Foundation? "Jane Iredale Dream Tint. It's a mineral-based tinted moisturizer that feels like a mousse. A lot of foundations make me break out, but I think this one actually makes my skin better."

This vase is stuffed to the brim with a collection of fashion and beauty press kits on USB sticks.
Nail Polish? "Essie Smokin' Hot is my favorite fall/winter pedicure color. I wish I painted my nails more often, but I always think of it 20 minutes before bed and by then it's too late."

Fragrance? "This one is pretty embarrassing/cheesy: I wear a Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance called Dawn. I figured I should try it because of the name, and now my husband gets so disappointed when I wear anything else."

Your skin-care regimen? "I'd classify my skin as combinationmy cheeks get dry, but I get mid-afternoon t-zone shininess. I break out occasionally, but I try to leave them alone and stick to my routine. At night, I use Dermalogica Precleanse—I love cleansing oils and wish I could convince everyone with oily skin to use them, because they're just so great. Then, I use a Clarisonic. I have a ton of serums I rotate through including IS Clinical White Lightening and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, but I always start with salicylic acid. I love Sundari Omega 3 and Amalaki Night Cream. During the day, I start with an antioxidant serum—I love Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel—and then SPF 30."

How do you get your waves? "My hair is naturally curly, but it's fine so it dries quickly and it's easy to manipulate. I rough dry it and then wrap big sections around a curling iron."
Dawn's deskside beauty closet is fully stocked

Describe your beauty look. "Natural but polished. Or at least that's what I'm going for!"

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? "45 minutes if I don't have any issues deciding what to wear."

Best time-saving beauty tip? "Playing upbeat music as I get ready. It makes me do everything faster."

You interview top beauty experts all time. What’s the best tip you’ve picked up? "The last time I interviewed Dr. Cheryl Karcher, she freaked me out about UVA rays in the winter, so I'll be wearing tons of SPF even when it's snowing. Sonia Kashuk recently explained that when you're doing your makeup, it should be all creams (concealer, gel liner, cream blush) and then powders since the two don't mix. It was such a 'duh' moment, and it completely changed the order that I put on my makeup."

Take a guess: How many beauty products do you have at home? "I would guess around 400. I have a small medicine cabinet, so I installed glass shelves in my bathroom—they're packed. And I have about eight different storage bins. Sometimes I think my husband resents that he only has three things (razor, shaving cream and toothbrush) in the bathroom, and they're constantly getting lost behind my stuff." 

Dawn Spinner Davis


teenaphrodite said...

This just furthered my want and need in life to work for a women's magazine! Preferably Allure :) Dawn seems like a lovely woman, and it truly seems that you both are living the dream!

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You are so sweet! Thanks for reading! And let me know if you ever have any questions :) ps-There are many more similar posts to come!

Anonymous said...

I certainly wish my work space looked like this...I'm a beauty product junkie!

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Love this post.. Please do more post like this!! Love your blog btw-I just add that Conair Hair dryer to shopping basket thxs 4 rec


Kelly Ann

Happy New Year!

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Gosh would I love to work for a magazine like this!

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