the sparkly life: I Love the Renegade (a.k.a. Coolest-Ever) Craft Fair

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Love the Renegade (a.k.a. Coolest-Ever) Craft Fair

Pinwheel rings (they really spin!) by Virginie Millefiori; cool cross-stitch from Ruggles Made; headbands by Giant Dwarf
F is For Frank rabbit necklaces; amazing 3D artbox by Lisa Swerling (regretting that I didn't buy this...); quirky earrings (the bacon ones crack me up) by Me Hoi
Glitter star hairpins from Giant Dwarf; my new ring from F is For Frank; new necklaces from Virginie Millefiori; and "diamond" earrings from Me Hoi; can't wait to wear this Sheena Jewellery bangle (it's actually antique lace that the designer cast in bronze!) 

My new Good Season Goods neon necklace; honey bear charm from Inedible Jewelry--my daughter loves it! (though it was hard to choose between this, the donut, the ice cream cone, the pizza--everything was so cute); Ryan Berkley illustration featuring '80s movies characters; think I'm going to keep paper clips in this eraser-pink ceramic sugar bowl from Circa Ceramics

Going to frame these three Ryan Berkley animal portraits and put them in my daughter's room; fun Circa Ceramics mugs; this neon embroidered quote thingie from Ruggles Made will go in my home office
Okay, so I'm taking a break from my typical fashion/beauty posts, to bring you a glimpse at one of my favorite annual events, which occurred this past weekend: the Renegade Craft Fair. Forget the PTA craft fairs your mom dragged you to as a child--this is way, way cooler. It's full of tons of fun, hipster-y, supertalented vendors selling their amazing wares--everything from jewelry to ironic tea towels to handmade clothing. I love it because the items are so incredibly unique and usually very reasonably priced. (Plus, I somehow feel way less guilty about spending money when it's for, y'know, art.) 

Renegade travels around the country (Austin, L.A., San Fran, etc) and hits Williamsburg, Brooklyn each June. I've been going to it for years (I remember the first time I went, years ago, when I felt all cool that I had braved the unknown of the L-train and traveled all by myself to this mystical land called Brooklyn). Now that I live just a few blocks away, I managed to hit it both days this weekend--and go completey craft crazy. I've included pics of some of my favorite finds above, and I've linked to the designers' websites or Etsy pages when possible. I hope you enjoy this peek.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else been to this fair? If so, it's so awesome, right?


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! We have an awesome Folk Art Festival here in Atlanta that would make these two events like kindred spirits :) Love seeing your treasures!


Anonymous said...

i've been dying to go! i actually had no idea that it came east. love your picks and i *love* the lace necklaces you instagram'd over the weekend. so fun!

Virginie Millefiori said...

Awesome selection, thank you so much for the feature! I'm a bit jealous since as a vendor I did not really get to shop and I was dying for! So many incredible designers, very inspiring!

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