the sparkly life: Can You Guess Which Shoe Costs $1,200 More?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Can You Guess Which Shoe Costs $1,200 More?

Left: Giuseppe Zanotti // Right: Schutz (also here in silver)
Okay, so what do you think? If you guessed that the nude colored sandal on the left is the pricier one, you're right. It's by Giuseppe Zanotti and it's diviiine. (Especially to this pregnant lady who can't wait to get back into wearing precarious heels once again!) But with my recent big purchase, and you know, diapers, a $1,500 pair of shoes is just not in the cards right now. That's why I was thrilled to find this really, really similar--and completely gorgeous--version by Schutz (the black pair on the right above, plus it also comes in a cool silver). Same sexy shape, same badass studs...and a full $1,200 cheaper. And that's a lot of diapers, my friend. 

So did you guess correctly? And let's pretend: If they both cost the same, which pair would you prefer?

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