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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sparkly Spotlight: Edamame Spa

The relaxation room at Edamame (a.k.a. where I blissfully zoned out pre-treatment)

Late last week, I was invited to visit the Edamame Spa (a chain of spas specializing in treatments for preggo ladies), and--being that I'm currently in the super-uncomfortable/achy-back/can't-sleep stage of pregnancy, I couldn't say yes fast enough. In fact, I believe my exact words were, "Oh my god, YES! Can I come tomorrow?" So this past Saturday, I hauled my big ol' belly out to Destination Maternity in Manhattan (for those who haven't been knocked up, this is like the Mecca of pregnancy spots in the city with A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and the spa all under one massive roof).

After changing into a cushy robe, and vegging out in the Zen-like relaxation room, I was called in for my treatment. I had had prenatal massages before during my last pregnancy, but only the kind where you lie awkwardly on your side with pillows supporting you. They're okay (I mean, a massage is kind of like pizza: even an ehh one is still pretty good, right?), but you sort of spend the entire time slightly disappointed that you can't fully relax comfortably and that they can't adequately get at your tight, desperate back. 

But this was different. Edamame has these cool "prego pillows" which are giant cushions sitting on top of the massage table with the middle scooped out. This allows you to lie on your tummy, which may sound like no big thang, but when you're nine months pregnant, you likely haven't lied on your stomach at all in five-plus months!

(By the way, lying on my pregnant belly for the first time in ages was awesome, but thanks to the squirmy baby factor, it was honestly a bit odd, too. Imagine getting a massage lying on a cat and that's basically what it feels like. Though in a good way...!)

The massage itself was fantastic--and it was a real massage. Some spas seem to be overly, unnecessarily gentle, treating you like a delicate pregnant flower, but this therapist meant business. She absolutely went to town on the knots in my back, which is exactly how I like it. After 50 wonderful, please-don't-end minutes, she applied a cooling, minty gel to my legs to help with circulation, and I was sent on my way. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, huh?

So have you ever had a massage while pregnant? What did you think of it? Tell me below!

Edamame Spa, 575 Madison Avenue, New York City (Find other locations across the country here)

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