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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beauty Editor/Mom

Getting done up by makeup artist extraordinaire, Daniel Martin--with Sadie in tow
Sippy cup slash sparkly polish
You don't have to tell me twice that I have a very cool job. As a beauty editor and writer, it's a job with access to tons of products like you wouldn't believe, a lot of wining and dining at great restaurants, days spent teetering on fancy, sky-high shoes at launch event after launch event, and hours of schmoozing with glamourous, perfectly coiffed and made-up people. It's pretty awesome, and for the first year of this blog, I really made that the sole focus of everything you saw here. 

But there's another side to me, as you probably know by now, and it's popped up here much more frequently lately. I'm really a beauty editor and mom, of course. Though before I started blabbing about them here, people were often surprised to hear that. But I do have kids--two of them! And the surprise goes the other way, too. When I meet new moms at the playground and they ask what I do, I never fail to get a quizzical once over. "Beauty editor?" I always think they're wondering when they spot the messy-but-not-in-a-good-way bun, concealer-free face, and inevitable dribble of spit-up on my shoulder. "So, where's the beauty part?"

Sometimes the worlds collide. I've gone from preschool birthday party straight to a beauty product launch. I've pumped behind closed office doors while simultaneously testing lipstick shades. And I've even had my makeup done for a photo shoot while my daughter insisted on sitting on my lap and stealing a celebrity makeup artist's brushes while he worked. (For the record, Daniel Martin, pictured above, couldn't have been cooler about it and even let her walk around the studio for an hour toting one of his fluffy powder brushes.) 

Because I wouldn't want to give up either side of me, I'm happy to have found a balance juggling both. Earlier this year, I was able to start working part time in the office and then freelance write at home so that I can spend more time with the littles. It's been an awesome way to balance both aspects, but it also keeps me busy. Being lucky enough to have a nanny helps. Laying out my clothes the night before like a sixth grader and coming up with a foolproof five-minute makeup look so that I can be out the door soon after she arrives does, too. And of course, perhaps above all else, thank god for blowouts. 

All of that said, I've decided that it's time I do a better job of showing both sides here on the blog--focusing on just the one "fancier" side of me feels a bit disingenuous. So going forward there will be more of a balance here, too--sometimes you'll see the beauty editor side, sometimes you'll see the mom. (Imagine the sparkly side of pushing around a stroller. But I promise--no spit-up in outfit posts!) :)

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