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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sparkly Reads

Photo via Pinterest
This week was a busy one for me. After months of anticipation, I left Williamsburg, and moved to Hoboken! I'm still mostly living out of boxes--and realizing I have waaaay too much junk--but I'm here and I love it. Thanks to said move, I barely had any time to spend online this week, but here are some cool things I found during the few precious moments I was able to log on. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

• I bought two comfy, cute, and under-$100 maxi dresses last week and have been seriously living in them ever since. I got this one and this one and I am obsessed with both.
• Loved this look on Caroline of Caroline in the City. White blazer + tee + cutoffs + sparkles = what's not to like?

• I recently mentioned these stunning stacked necklaces. Now here's how to do it yourself.

• I've decided that Kate Beckinsale is my blowout muse. I mean, here she got her hair done perfectly for the freakin' grocery store. #hairidol

• I know not everyone loved the Mad Men finale, but I thought it was incredible. And, if you're a Mad Men fan, this chat with creator Matthew Weiner about the season is so, so fascinating.

• These amazing photos of 3-D sidewalk art are disorienting, freaky, and just plain awesome. 

• Just try to get through this list of 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters without bawling. I dare you.


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