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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Best Workout Top Ever

Lululemon No Limits Tank
I've recently started working out regularly for the first time in...let's just say, a while. Let's also just say that my wardrobe of exercise clothes reflected that fact. (Think ancient too-short tanks, stretched-out sports bras, a Crunch Los Angeles baby tee from when I used to work out there...twelve years ago). 

So, because there's little guilt (at least for me!) in buying new clothes when we're talking clothes intended to be worn on the road towards becoming healthier, I planned to go on a bit of an activewear shopping spree. Easier said than done though, as I also had the issue of wanting to at least semi-camouflage my still-babified tummy, and most cute workout tanks are skin-tight in the belly area. So, one day I just ordered a ton of different tops online so that I could try several and return what didn't work. And voila--I found The One. 

Drumroll... It's the Lululemon No Limits Tank (above), and it is the perfect workout top. Here's why:

1) It's cute. And actually kind of sexy. It comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns and the design itself is cool, not boring. This is important. If I have something I'm excited about wearing to work out, then I'm more excited to work out. 

2) The design is really smart. When I first saw it, I was like: "Oh, that would be such a cute top...if you're super skinny. And flat-chested." But the genius of this top is that it really works on almost anyone. The peekaboo cutouts seem like they might be problematic--and a little too peekaboo--but it's cut in such a way that they somehow barely show anything, so you don't feel overexposed at all. The cutouts also act like air-conditioning and help keep you cool during your workout, which I love. (I can't wait to really put it to the test and try it out at SoulCycle!)

3) It gives your bra a break. Depending on the intensity of your workout (and, okay, the size of your boobs), you likely won't need to wear an extra sports bra because it essentially is a sports bra. It works perfectly for me for barre class.

4) Stomach? What stomach? The blouse-y fit hides any evidence of no-pack abs. 

I own the blue one, an all-black one, and I'm currently watching another older, sold-out pattern of it on eBay (it's new with tags...don't worry! I draw the line at used workout gear.). I'm also intrigued by this one. Different brand, but the style looks pretty much exactly the same--and it's a bit less expensive. I also want to check out this super cute one from the new-to-the-U.S. line Sweaty Betty. 

If you enjoy working out, looking cute while working out, and not having to suck in your stomach while working out, I totally recommend it. (By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I'm just completely obsessed with this top and wanted to share.)

Have you tried this style of workout tank? What did you think? And what's your favorite workout top? Please tell me below. I'm always looking for a good one!


Jackie said...

They all look amazing and really want to try one for my dance classes!

Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

Lauren said...

I have been looking around for a good workout top, thank you for sharing!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have the Lululemon one, it is amazing! It works great for when you are pregnant too, especially in the beginning when it is questionable :) I will definitely be using it after my pregnancy until I get back into shape. It is the perfect workout top!

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