the sparkly life: Deep (Mascara) Thoughts

Monday, October 7, 2013

Deep (Mascara) Thoughts

Since I have a daughter, I find myself being very careful about anything I say about beauty when I'm around her. (You can imagine this becomes extra tough when beauty is your job.) I'm okay with her learning that beauty products can be a very fun thing (I mean, down the road--she's three), but I also want to make sure she understands that appearance, and the pursuit of beauty, shouldn't be an obsession. And more importantly, that she doesn't need to rely on any outside forces to be beautiful. I want her to understand the very real truth that she is beautiful already.

Well, the other day, she was sitting in the bathroom, intently watching me put on my makeup. I was brushing on a coat of mascara when she asked what I was doing.

"This is called mascara," I said, before quickly adding: "But it's just for grown-ups. You don't use it when you're a kid." 

She looked disappointed. "But I want to wear mascara!" she pouted. 

I looked at her and smiled, "But you don't need it, honey. You're so pretty." 

She looked at me, confused. "But then you don't need mascara either, Mommy," she said. "You're pretty, too."

Looks like the student is becoming the teacher.


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