the sparkly life: 9 Cool Scrunchies (Yes, Really)

Monday, November 25, 2013

9 Cool Scrunchies (Yes, Really)

Yesterday, when reading this piece on the return of the scrunchie, I just had to laugh. One of my deepest, darkest (beauty) secrets--one of the ugly little truths that I thought I'd never share is that...I've never really given them up.

Yep. I wear still wear scrunchies. (Does this mean my beauty editor license is going to be revoked?)

Now before you lose too much respect for me, here's a big disclaimer: I don't wear them in public. (Well, that time I forgot to take one out and accidentally wore it to Dunkin' Donuts not withstanding.) But in the privacy of my own home? Love 'em. Love. Them.

Nothing's better for holding your hair back while you sleep, and since they don't leave weird marks or bends, they're especially awesome for corralling a fresh blowout. Plus, they're super gentle on your hair, so there's way less breakage than with an elastic. Nevertheless, because of their unfortunate place in pop culture, they've always remained purely a behind-closed-doors accessory for me.

That might be changing. You see, somehow, at some point, scrunchies apparently became cool. And we're talking a Missoni and Marc Jacobs level of cool. Yep, we're now seeing designer scrunchies that I pretty much guarantee are fancier than anything you wore in sixth grade.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to go there quite yet, so until then, I'll keep rocking my American Apparel versions. At home. While I sleep. 

Do you ever wear scrunchies at home? What about it public? If not, will these cool ones change your mind? Tell me below!

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Anonymous said...

I totally wear scrunchies at home! My hairdresser told me a few years ago that they do much less damage to your hair than other kinds of elastic bands, and you're right -- they don't make the same marks/bends in my hair that regular hairbands do. I try not to wear the outside of the house too much, though, even though my hairdresser said I should wear them when working out, too.

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