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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Current Obsession: Flattering Sweatpants

Sure, I doll it up during the work week since I actually come into contact with grown-ups then, but having two kids means that, on weekends and evenings, I spend a lot of my at-home time in "comfy" clothes. 

If that sounds grim, well--it is. I recently took stock of my current loungewear situation, and it wasn't pretty. Most of my t-shirts were old freebies bearing words like "Cetaphil." (I mean, I love that brand, but emblazoned on a stained tee, it doesn't exactly scream "Sexy," amiright?) And the bottoms were even worse. Juvenile-printed pajama pants, bulky sweats, and everything in sizes that could practically double as sleeping bags.

I know, I know--I'm clearly a total freaking hottie on Saturday mornings. (Geez. It's a wonder I even had the second kid...!)

So I have resolved to change this. First stop: cute sweatpants. There are so many out there these days that are slim-cut, super flattering, and just as comfortable as the ginormous variety. I'm especially loving this capri pair that I just got from Gap. They're soft enough to sleep in, but still substantial enough that you could wear them out. (Like out to get the mail or to Pilates. I'm not that pathetic, people!) 

Here are few more pairs I'm loving right now. And please share (because I've got a lot of lounging left to do...!): What are the cutest, most flattering sweatpants you've found?

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