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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Best Shoes for Barre Class

These barre shoes are The Best.

Yesterday, I took a barre class at my favorite studio for the first time in weeks. (In other words, my thighs are sorrrre today.) And because it had been so long, I was totally out of the habit of throwing my barre shoes into my bag, so I forgot them. That meant I was stuck wearing grippy socks. And as I planked and plied my way through class--slip-sliding around the whole time--I was reminded that I had never raved about my beloved Blake Brodys here on the blog. So here we go!

For those who have never taken a barre class, just trust me that proper footwear is a must. Most studios sell some version of grippy socks (socks with little treads on the bottom that work to keep you from slipping), but they've never really worked for me. I can wear them in a pinch, but I don't feel super secure in them. 

But these shoes by Blake Brody are a barre-class gamechanger. They make you feel so much more grounded. I notice the biggest difference when planking; I can hold the position much, much longer, which means I (and my poor abs!) get a much better workout. Plus, they're totally cute, right? Mine are the "Olivia" style--I just love that touch of silver sparkle. (Obvs!)

Do you do barre classes? If so, are you a socks girl or a shoe fan? Do tell!

* Disclaimer: Blake Brody sent me a pair of shoes to try out last year, but I received no compensation for this post. I have been using the shoes regularly for a year and am a true (major!) fan. All opinions are my own.


Lauren said...

I am now at a studio where you barre barefoot, like it just because i don't have to wear or bring socks.

Anonymous said...

Now that my foot is out of the boot (again), I'm thinking of buying the Pure Barre package that's currently available on Gilt City. Thanks for the tip!

Edmond G. Belanger said...

If you are serious about your workout then you will need the best tools to do it right. Shoes are extremely important when it comes to Zumba and, without the right shoes you will have difficulty moving around. Big, heavy shoes are problematic because they don't allow you the flexibility that you need and this can be a problem.

Carter said...
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Carter said...

While calisthenics and some studio workouts can be done barefoot, it's advisable to have additional protection. You can choose between a studio skin or training socks. Here are some of the best shoes for barre class.

Carter said...
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Peter Norman said...

Barre Shoes are inspired by ballet shoes, but have thicker soles that are often wedge-shaped to allow for better traction when exercising at home on wooden floors, without the requirement for socks. Some styles also come with specially designed grips on the bottoms of their soles specifically designed for use during hot 'barre-style' exercises.

Cart Folder said...

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