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Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Cool Things You Need To Click On Today

Frostbite by Marilyn Minter
This week was a busy one. I'm working on a big, somewhat complicated freelance beauty story, so I've been slammed with interviews for that. Then, yesterday, I spent the morning photographing a beauty-industry friend at her stunning Manhattan apartment for an upcoming Beauty Secrets feature. (So excited for that one!) It was also my daughter's first week off of school (help), which means there was a lot of princess role-playing, Lego Movie watching, and even a trip to her absolute favorite place on the planet: the Jersey City Target.

And, while I have you, I just had to say a big congrats to this girl. April Franzino (follow her!) started out years ago as my beauty-intern-extraordinaire at Lucky. When, I moved over to head the Good Housekeeping beauty department, I promptly stole April to become my intern there. A few months later, she graduated, and I (of course) hired her as my assistant at GH. Fast-forward a few years (and a few stints at Fitness and Self) and my former little intern was just named the new beauty director at Good Housekeeping! I seriously could not be more proud of this amazing, talented woman (who, BTW, rivals Blake Lively in the hair department). Congratulations, April! xoxoxo.

Have a great weekend, all!

• This cute, summery, vacation-perfect pouch is a dead ringer for the clutch I carried here.

• Did you see this tour of Camille Styles's home? Oh. Em. Gee. That terrace! That pool! Every inch is incredible.

• Fell in love with this supersexy, sky-blue swimsuit after Dominique posted about it, and now I can't get it out of my head! Clearly I have cute one-piece bathing suits on the brain.

• Dave Holmes's Vulture columns are always laugh-out-loud funny. His most recent, a hilarious, nostalgic look back at the songs of the summer of 1994 (Aerosmith's "Crazy!" Warren G's "Regulate!") is a masterpiece. Betcha LOL at the Richard Marx write-up (#33). I sure did. 

• These quesadillas with guacamole and pineapple look all kinds of delicious.

• Amber posted this funny piece, "If Strangers Talked to Everybody Like They Talk To Writers" about how people always seem to offer career advice to writers or ask if they would have seen anything you've written, and it's so true. As the piece writes, would you ever say: "Ah, a middle-school teacher? Have I met any of the students you've ever taught?" :)

• Uh, when did Tavi Gevinson get so damn, model-y gorgeous? She suddenly looks like a cross between Scarlett Johansson and an Olsen twin. Great article, too.

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