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Friday, July 11, 2014

12 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

My first full week at the new job went really well! Now I'm prepping for tons of family to come into town today, a graduation party for my niece tonight, and my son's baptism this weekend. Whew. My vacation next week (Anguilla--yay!) can't come soon enough. Have a great weekend, all.

• Who would have thought that the nail polish photo above--a picture I quickly snapped while literally walking into a waxing appointment--would become my most popular Instagram shot of all time?

• The perfect hostess gift for your most glamorous friend? These gold geo bottle stoppers. So chic! And so The Sparkly Life. :)

• I mentioned loving this awesome Anthropologie Scrollwork Maxi dress a few weeks back. I then went to actually purchase it a few days later only to find out it was 100 percent completely sold out online and in stores across the country. Well, I learned my lesson. Buy first, and only then open your big mouth online. Well, I noticed that it was randomly back in stock today, actually shrieked, and then quickly scooped it up immediately. Now that one is safely on its way to me, I can share it again: This dress is beautiful--so perfect for summer nights--and it sells out lightning fast. If you love it half as much as I do, I suggest you nab one here asap. Seriously, move...!

• An asymmetrical updo that's kind of different--and so pretty.

• 35 genius travel tips (they're really good!)

• This piece on celebrities and their historical lookalikes is in-sane. I mean, all of them are crazy, but a few of them (particularly Orlando Bloom, Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Nic Cage, and Maggie Gyllenhaal) are nothing short of mind-blowing. Just wow.

• This list of the most popular baby names of 2014 is so interesting! I really got a kick out of the fact that my daughter's name is the #79th most popular on the girl's list and my son's is #78 on the boy's. At least, I'm consistent, I guess? (But, sorry, I refuse to believe the #1 most popular name in the country right now is Imogen. Do you guys know a single person who named their baby that this year?)  

• Supposedly this was Jessica Simpson's favorite breakfast when she was dieting for her wedding. Either way, it looks super delicious (and easy). Will definitely be making it soon!

• Great Ikea Hack: This DIY gold-and-marble bookcase.

• I want to wear these.

• I want to make this.

• And ICYMI: This week, I was featured on BaubleBar's blog chatting about my new job and a few of my current obsessions. (I also shared some favorite BaubleBar finds here--so much good stuff right now!)

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