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Monday, July 21, 2014

14 Cool Things You Need to Click On Today

Can't stop thinking about this photo since I saw it in the @trophycupcakes feed yesterday. They are SNO-CONE COCKTAILS. How awesome does that sound? Apparently they are from Gracias Madre, a restaurant in L.A. I want to go to there!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've spent the last few days on vacation. We went to Anguilla and it was amaaaaazing! Since I didn't get a chance to do my weekly links post (on account of being extremely busy doing nothing on the beach), I thought I'd run it today. So, here's a few fun things I found while sitting around being lazy in a bikini. (And more on the vacay coming soon!)

• I'm so ordering this dress ASAP. It's totally the perfect fall work dress, no? And it's on sale!)

• Stumbled on this blog for the first time recently and really like her style. (And her hair--gorgeous!) For starters, I am fully going to copy this outfit.

• Behati Prinsloo's braid! So pretty.

• I've wanted a Moroccan wedding blanket forever. But now I'm going to satisfy the need with these awesome Moroccan Wedding BASKETS. Beautiful and functional storage = win.

• This casual, jeans-and-sweater combo is pretty perfect.

• Wow. Just, wow. This list of "30 Things I've Learned" by Nick Crocker is a powerful must-read. So many of these (especially #1, 10, 15, 24, and 30) really made me think.

• The genius way to un-shrink clothes. (Must try this!)

• Will someone please buy me this necklace? Purdy, purdy please? #obsessed

• Cool way of making people take the stairs. So smart!

• I adore these vintage gold-plated forks and knives. They would be so pretty to use for party appetizers.

• Here's what Disney princesses would look like in real life.

• I love iced coffee. (Particularly Grady's Cold Brew. Anyone else?) Here's a really interesting read on why iced coffee tends to be so pricey.

• This harsh-but-awesome, take-no-prisoners piece on people who bitch about kids on planes made me laugh. So perfect. (Because it's so true: Traveling with kids on planes is always a zillion times worse for the parents than it is for you. Promise.)

• Why National Food Days (i.e. National Donut Day, National Ice Cream Day, and so on) are basically just total b.s.

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